This week we did fine with keeping schedule both for Moonless and daydream stories, i expect we won’t have to update on saturday this time around. Though between this and house maintenance, i fell behind on the daydream commission which , if i’m to complete it in time, must be flat colored by friday night. So while it’s be good to just doodle something quick and call it a da, let’s try to make progress on that front. By we i mean i and my cats of course. I rub their fluffness all over the pages.
See even Diva blush at the idea of kitties. I could make a dirty joke here but i am too mature for this.

In other news, Mau said her last animation was appreciated on weareferals so she made another one this week. One where tsukiko is getting surrounded.


One Response to Keeping schedule

  1. LordPanther says:

    I’m pulling for you Kern. You can do it!