Reefireparrot commission pending approval. Right now i’m thinking of completing Gem’s mario kart this saturday. And focus on the daydream page to be completed on friday.

But more interestly, this adorable artwork of the new holy mother Keychain and a younger Cinamon, fierce fat dawmere:
Don’t let Lunareth claim this artwork to be any less than pure adorable.


6 Responses to Fat Daw

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    It’s aDAWable! >:=)> And it seems that naughty holy mother Keychain is the one responsible for Cinnamon’s overweightness and bad habits. That does make perfect sense!

    Raveena: I think we’re being followed.

    Chirinide: We have many who oppose us now… if they catch us and defeat us, they will likely kill us where we stand. And put Cinnamon on a diet.

    Cinnamon: *!* D=: *VOOOOOOM*

    Chirinide: *smirk* *runs after*


    • Lunareth says:

      Of course Anah is responsible LOL! I have this headcanon that, for years Cinnamon was her only friend so she SPOILED the horse, stealing food from the kitchen and reading her favorite books about brave knights and armored beefmares xD

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        Cinnamon reminds me of when I was a little kid, we went to a park in Germany called Schönbusch, and they had a big corral for horsies. We had fun petting their long noses and feeding them flowers, but we had to go so we said goodbye and left. As I was walking down the road along the fence, suddenly this enormous fuzzy brown thing came out of nowhere and nommed my stomach! D8 I was startled, and saw the brown thing retract through the bars of the fence…it was one of the horsies, and he had come to say one last goodbye with a loud whinney. I was so glad that horses were herbivores ^_^,

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Interesting pic for Reefireparrot, is that a locust? I see the extra pair o’ arms, and the antennae…although I thought Skwerk only had two arms, it would make sense for a locust to have six limbs ^^ Looking forward to seeing all the pics!

    Uwaaah…fuzzy Cinnamon! \ *3* / So fat…so aDAWrable (nice one Greenwood Goat ;) That word needs to be put in the Wiki as the very definition of ‘Cinnamon’). And sorry about calling her “pimped ride” pic a horsie, I didn’t notice the filename XD

    • Ree Fireparrot says:

      It’s actually a redesign of a villain from the Sailor Moon manga and musicals named Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon. She’s from another planet and it always annoyed me that the aliens in Sailor Moon don’t look…well, alien, so I asked Kern to draw her as one of the wasplike fairies Kalki had as a pet, only with butterfly wings instead of bee wings.

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        Oh, that cute critter that we saw at Snad’s old house in Chel when Mel and Lulianne dropped by? Neat idea! :D

        I wonder whatever became of that fairy, now that neither Snad nor Kalki are there…hopefully it’s over in Felde, and somebody’s feeding it…would have been a trip to see it make off with a morsel at the buffet line ; )