Darksiders angels commission for the B. Took longer than expected and so was finished after the stream.

15 minutes challenge set by Vlashrod for “pimp my ride”
Kite: Decided not to share it…

For Farex:
For Eltharion:(You’re lucky, she spent hours polishing that cute thing!)
For Vergil:

Lunareth’s commission for Madea and Rune is not complete yet but almost.

On today’s menu we have darksiders’ angels for B, monday’s moonless page and Au-ra sexy time from Lunareth. With the 15 minutes art challenge in the middle and giveaways at the end. To watch, poke at B or just hangout on this cold saturday afternoon, then drop by our multistream!


5 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Eltharrion says:

    Kite, I love you and want to make you triple-layer flavored cheesecake for that work! It is amazing!
    …Now to just hope my fiance likes it as much as I do. ^^’

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    The Darksiders really came out great, Kern…the angels themselves look amazing, so powerful and menacing. But considering how much you bemoan backgrounds, those rays of light are just stunning across that gorgeous evening sky, magnificent job! Yes, Kite’s Lesser Dog is just an adorable work of art…them eyes, those colors, that shading…her mohawk-like fur just begs to be petted ^^ All them pimped rides look great, especially Luna’s pretty, pudgy horsie with flowery mane and tail…aww, too bad for Kite’s brown chocobo, it was looking good too! ; ( Hopefully we’ll still see it in another context. Thanks everyone for a most enjoyable livestream!

  3. Sionyx says:

    That pimped out Direwolf made me actually laugh. Thank you, Nori, I really needed that today!

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    My first thought was a pimped out Mimian… even though it’s a completely ridiculous idea, as the pimp hat would cause so much drag, and the bling would add so much excess weight, that they would simply fall straight out of the sky.

    And I thought Kiel’s other ride was a pimped-out Naal’suul! >:=)>

    Kiel’ndia: Don’t pick at your jewellery, Naal, and don’t smudge your paint. Just concentrate on the strut and the swagger…

    Chrys’tel: Hey! Halloween was two weeks ago you-

    Kiel’ndia: *turns up sound system to drown her out*