Felde Audiobook

The first book about the Alstrat’s journey.
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Credits: written by YAN GAGNE , edited by MARY GARREN produced by EDWYN TIONG music by JORMA POYER artwork by REZA sound from SOUNDSNAP.COM ,featuring EDWYN TIONG as narrator LUCIEN DODGE as fen DANIELLE McRAE as dhalzin STEPHEN LYNCH as eldham RINA ADACHI as feldian woman


3 Responses to Audiobook : Alstrat’s journal – Felde the emerald city

  1. Kite says:

    just an aside… It is called Alstrat’s journal because it is the surname of a halme family that follows the caravans of Stone Company. Fen is just one of the Alstrat family line, of possibly a series of generations to come (they are but human after all). He has an empty library to fill, and it won’t be done in just his lifetime.

  2. Kiro Kiemi says:

    I -love- the new audiobook! And the cover is gorgeous! Reza really did a wonderful job. I can’t wait to listen to the next books in this series. It’s a great Christmas present to the fans.

    As always, the bloopers make me laugh. xD

  3. Lauren says:

    This is the first audio book I’ve listened to on Drowtales, even though I’ve been visiting the site ever since the original chapter 4. It’s really well done, the voices and the background sound effects really add another depth to the storytelling. Now I have to go find the other audiobooks while I wait for the next installment! ^_^ Long live Drowtales!