News update skipped yesterday as i had nothing to post. For today however i’ve finally wrapped up this chapter roster. With Dairo coming last:
He didn’t submit a character sheet, just asking for the old one to be redone. So here’s what the 2013 version looked like for comparaison.

And Pitdragon brings back the floordragon adventure. Obviously he and fat dawmere Cinamon needs adventures.


10 Responses to Concept complete

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Interesting changes to Kale…before, three out of four portraits had him smiling, but now he’s all down : ( and is that a demon behind his head, or the Nid symbol? Kinda ironic that someone who dislikes violence would choose to become a Nid rather than take a lateral transfer to the Order of Serenity…maybe they wouldn’t take him? “Oh, you’re from the Purity? You know, we don’t have any openings right naow, but if you’d like to leave a copy of your curriculum vitae, we’ll be in touch…” ; )-

    Yay, more Floor Dragon Adventures! :D and hoo-boy, he’s got a thing for Quain? Why do I find that not-all-that-surprising? heh heh

    • Ash'arion says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s the Nid logo/icon/symbol/whatever behind him, and the poison in his hand. I imagine he didn’t join Serenity because they probably had virtually the same promises to adherents as all the other Orders, which in most cases were either lies or interpreted to be something he wanted no part of. Snads, on the other hand, promises peace and order for everybody. I imagine he sees her much the same way that Mel does, although obviously on not so intimate a level. She tempts him with an escape from the savagery he was born and raised into, and he doesn’t know she’s a lying snake. Or maybe he does and still thinks her solution is the lesser of two great evils.

      And yeah, he’s depressed because he’s alone and his 3 core faiths are dead: that of his religion, that in himself, and that of Chel having a future as something other than a massive tomb.

    • Kern says:

      It’s the nid symbol yes, no poison in his hand though.

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        It looks a bit like the gold design on the Duter brown armor…does it represent the fallen tower?

        • Ash'arion says:

          It could be indicative of a new caliber of Earth sorcery. Can he polish stuff now, Kern? That would be awesome.

  2. CutieSquiggoth says:

    So from a Order of Purity to Snad’s follower. I wonder what happened, did Snad get him a nice wife or something?

    I am loving the continuing adventure of Floor Dragon :) I wish her much adventure and fun :) *hugs pit warmly*

    • Ash'arion says:

      More likely Snads hinted at an offer to consider doing something about the increasingly indiscriminate purges on the part of the Kyorl clan. Desperate people don’t take a lot to be led on.

  3. Obsidian Agent says:

    “Floor Dragon Quest” needs to be a show. And here would be it’s theme song:

  4. Pitdragon says:

    One day perhaps FD shall meet the pink butterball, he has a lot of sightseeing to do after all!

  5. Nori says:

    Great work Pit, Floor Dragon Adventures is truly a gift bestowed upon the people–such magnificence, such beauty :o!

    Nice to see Kale’shido pop in again too, he’s one of those cameos that just randomly grows on ya I feel like, or he just really grew on me at least :B Super interesting to see the 2 year progression of art style too, I kinda feel like your approach to color has changed the most based on this picture alone :o ; really digging the use of toned lines you’ve developed, it unifies everything really well.