Cheerful water baloon fight commission for gem76

Challenge set by Hfar is to dress one of our character into a girl genius webcomic costume:

For tsukiko, but to feed Lunareth’s ship.
For Kernaun:
For pitdragon:

Bonus art from Pitdragon. Adventure of floor dragon.
Back to normal streams until the end of the month. On today’s art menu we have a water baloon fight, the next moonless page and backgrounds study. What evil would make someone study background!? To study said evil, watch, chat, hangout or eat pear mousse cake , drop by our multistream!


7 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Pitdragon says:

    Thanks for the stream! And thanks Kite (I was distracted by a phone call at the end, so I didn’t get to thank you then)!

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Pit, your Floor Dragon Adventure is hilarious :D And Kite did such a marvelous job on your Asta’lin, she’s really rockin’ dat dress, and that little peekaboo of red gets great mileage! Kern’s chibi waterballoon fight is so full of awesome facial expressions (that Chiri glaring at Kiel is so cute!), and it’s great to see Kiel getting so much exposure…DarkVolt’s Kiel in Girl Genius attire is outstanding, that hat, flowing cape, and thigh boots just kick so much ass. I’m glad y’alls pointed out some Phil Foglio work I had never seen before…as Hfar said, lots of good memories from the Dragonmirth days…What’s New? with Phil and Dixie, Wormy by Dave Trampier (sad what happened to him), Snarf Quest by Larry Elmore, Yamara by Barbara Manui and Chris Adams (another interesting take on drow in there), and a bunch of single-panel yuks like the one where two clerics are having a fist fight, and this Conan-looking warrior comes running up to them yelling “Stop! This bickering is pointless!” and one of the clerics yells back “Well it had better be, we’re both clerics!” :D (yeah that was an old one from the 1st edition AD&D days). Good times, good times…^^

  2. Lunareth says:

    Aaah its Candy and Beef thank you Tsukiko *__* This is a weird but so cute ship we have here xD

  3. Kearnaun says:

    Any chance that we migth get a Beef x Candy story for the next NSFW stream? *smiles innocently*

    And Ariel going Kraken over her Sudoku made me look up the old chapters again where she was at school. Obviously her solution to any numbers puzzle is catface doodle. How could I forget!