edit of 24th december: The remaining copies were sent today. 200gram, on the limit, after a clipping of the envelopes..
Today we’ve received the 1250 copies of drowtales. At long last. Final version. So we’ve immediatly packed the 35 first packages and went to ship them. Only to get the post office to tell us it is 1 gram too heavy. Yup, 1 @$&*% gram. A single printing sheet of paper is 5 gram. Because of this, canada post double all shipping charges. What cost 6.4$ now cost 12.8$.
So we have to delay the shipping of all international and USA package to tomorrow. We’ll be cutting off 2 inches of the envelops , the chunk that isn’t needed, and tape it shut. That ought save us 2 gram.
Canadian orders were shipped anyway, the price difference wasn’t as big for those.

Here a “fun” fact. Don’t read if you don’t want to hear me getting ranty.

The lady at the post office told me to hurry up because canada post is about to raise their price again. For the third year in a row. I asked on what it would be applied and why they’re doing this since fuel droped half price. What’s the new reason since last year it was fuel surchage. She didn’t know. but she told me canada post have the best pricing. To which i answered USPS, the usa postal service is a whole world of difference in speed and price. To which she answered it won,t be the case for very long with the global economic crisis going on.
At this point i left. But there is something nagging me… which part of “global” did she miss in her argument? Canada don’t float in space above the earth, though it seem some people think it’s the case. Heck even on tv an economist used that expression in regard to our politician beleifs.
But to get back to the USPS/canadapost comparaison. It cost LESS for someone to send a package from hawaii to quebec than to send the very same package in between cities in my province! Come on, it still canadapost who carry the &#@% package from the border to our house.


7 Responses to Book shipped… partialy

  1. Kite says:

    This might explain why half of the packages we get are damaged in some considerable way — they’re being dropped from SPACE!

  2. kirio says:

    It sounds like Canadapost is trying to bankrupt itself. I wonder how much longer it’ll be before private delivery companies can underbid them. USPS got nailed in the ’80’s by private express mail companies before they got their act together. Canadapost has got to be losing a lot of business through this. All the magazine cos. have to do is print overseas to avoid sending a big payment to Canadapost. This idiot policy can’t be good for Canadian printing companies. either.

  3. Kite says:

    They’ll get nailed, yes, but if the future is as bleak as I think it to be they’ll probably plead the government for a bailout when that happens. ;)

  4. kern says:

    Kirio: I’ll contact a private mail company the 26th for pricing. Though my hope is low for better pricing for envelopes.

  5. Celice says:

    Post Offices thrive to inconvinance you in every physical and mental way possible. When I went to get my passport I waited for two hours only to be told I was missing something…same with packages and mail.

    That and the postman finds it amusing I think to shove large packages into small openings until it fits so when you get it its all banged up and looks like it went through a disposal or something. Better luck in the future with the postage

  6. Laurie says:

    They’re raising the price of postage in Canada again? Good Lord, that’s sad. :( I can’t believe they’re doing that to us again.

  7. Vilx- says:

    Idea: put a little helium balloon in each envelope, you might even get the next lowest rate, if there is one. (I wonder if there is a helium bubble wrap?)