Concept for sindas complete. Leaving only dairo’s concept for friday’s night. Then the chapter’s roster will be complete.
Though Lunareth has been whispering she want a concept of her Keychain.

Thank you Gem for the wonderful package! you kick ass. Kite was freaking out when she got that FF14 carbuncle plushie.

Today is our couple’s 10th anniversary. Kite whom i met on our own forums, who then worked with me in 2004 and joined me in november 2005. It didn’t take long for two lonely artists working long hours in the same studio to fall for each other XD. Regardless what can be said about drowtales after it’s all over and done, finding my wife through it makes his a worthwhile project.

Finished the extra update daydreamer’s choice yesterday. Naal with sexy devil costume…yeah Naal would be confused.


17 Responses to Concept, 10 year cake, awesome present

  1. smokehammer says:

    Raf’s always so bad-ass.

    And Happy anniversary…what kinda cake is that?

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY, KITE AND KERN! :D and many many more to come!

    Oh Rafal’za…so cute…so dangerous! Cripes man, look at that steak knife she’s lugging around…”No axe for you, too quick…I’ma gonna saw your head off!” :x She confuses me with mixed emotions…her looks drive me crazy, but she’s gonna be executing mah Akumu…with a five foot steak knife…I’m sorry, but Rafi has to die ; ( Why is it always the cute ones…dammit…

    Never get tired of seeing sweet Naal, even in glutton demon form…still popular even after her untimely demise. Clip on horns and pitchfork are a nice touch, and demon himself looking very Jack-o-lantern-y :D

  3. junglefowl26 says:

    Happy anniversary!

  4. Lunareth says:

    Happy anniversary sweets!!! You two are just so cute and this little love story of yours is so perfect you leave my heart all with sigh sighs <333 BE HAPPY FOREVEEEER

  5. Illasol/IaY says:

    Happy anniversary Kite and Kern. It´s defenitly something great to find your love trough something you like to work on.

  6. Hfar says:

    Happy tenth anniversary! May the two of you continue to be happy and adorkable!

  7. Alric says:

    Happy 10th Anniversary, Kern & Kite!

  8. Laerei says:

    Congratulations for your 10 year anniversary and may you have many more. ^^

  9. Mau Acheron says:

    Congratulation, Happy 10th Anniversary! :3

  10. Ssapdra says:

    Happy 10th Anniversary!

  11. Nori says:

    Happy 10th Anniversary Guys, hope ya have a peaceful desert-filled eve :>!

  12. HoneyBee says:

    Happy 10th Anniversary ! ^^

  13. Durlyn says:

    Happy 10th Anniversary Kite and Kern! So cool to hear you two met while working on Drowtales :3

  14. swedish_kitsune says:

    Happy 10th anniversary. :) I hope you have alot of cake for the occasion.

  15. Ree Fireparrot says:

    Congrats on ten years! *wants a deluxe cupcake now*

  16. Thrair says:

    That’s really awesome. Grats! Keep kicking life’s ass, you two!