These two i had not receive character sheets for. Rafalza for Sindas and Kaleshido for Dairo. Rafalza went from torturer to executioner and Kaleshido was one of the guest at Snadhya’s gathering, now one of her follower, with some regrets.
Both pending reviews. Couldn’t resist the dark shadows while sketching the second character.


7 Responses to Last two chapter 49 concepts

  1. Ash'arion says:

    I like it. Although I am confused whether that’s a moon or a really large bag behind him.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    I really like Rafal’za’s look…when she was torturing Petri’cho and we zoomed in on her face, her big eyes and red lips looked a lot like an anime psycho girl, I’m trying to remember where I last saw it (maybe Akame Ga Kill, or Bleach?). But those ruby red lips are so unusual among drow, I think it works because of her ashen Ssu complexion, it wouldn’t look as good on a Lath complexion (red on black would be too high contrast). I’m also quite fond of her hair style, tres chic

    Poor Kaleshido…always seems sad about the tragedies unfolding around him. Somehow he really doesn’t fit the image of the average Nidraa’chal, which might be his advantage. Yet, does he have what it takes to be a Nid? Most of them are like pretty elite level, and seem to have no reservations about killing their enemies. Kaleshido got overpowered quickly when Ky’ovarde killed Judicator Kyuusei, and I had thought he was the one that was beaten up and captured by Mal at the bridge-dropping. Looking forward to seeing him and Rafal’za in-story soon!

    • Ash'arion says:

      There is a difference between Snad’yha’s chosen cadre (the elites) and everyone she conscripted into her plot at Ys. The members of the former group were all incredibly powerful, but the latter all fled to her because they felt powerless. Kale, for example, is basically betraying his entire clan in order to try to prevent them from slaughtering those they deem “impure”. His mentality of pursuing peace at any cost is exactly what Snads intended to exploit with the meeting at Ys in the first place.

      As far as power goes, Kale doesn’t have a lot, but he is very practical with what he has. The war mace he has in his previous concept had a stone head and core so he could swing with Earth sorcery what he couldn’t with raw strength. In fact, without his sorcery, he wouldn’t even be able to lift his weapon. The handle is there to help contain its movements.

      But that is all accessory detail anyway, since he is so intent on avoiding combat that he will quickly lose if not given sufficient motivation to enter it, such as in his encounter with Ky’ovarde. In fact, it is likely that many who see him register him as a civilian rather than the Templar he was.

      • partner555 says:

        Felde, the peace conference happened in Felde.

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        Thanks for the additional info, especially about his “Mjolnir” :D That’s brilliant…earth sorcery to move a stone headed war mace that’s too heavy for him to use otherwise…seems fitting for a thinking man! I wonder if the same thing can be done with a steel weapon if the wielder has metal affinity…hmmm… :o And bless Kale for sticking to his convictions about peace, a rare thing among Chelians. I don’t like who he’s working for/with, but if he can prevent further war so the city can catch a breather and heal, that’s an endeavor worth supporting : )

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Aw jeez, I just remembered where I’d seen that big eyes/red lips look, it was Angel Blade :P Might explain why I like that look so much…nemmind… XD