The first NSFW stream was a success with 54 viewers and thanks to Madea for narrating your stories. It was fun, it was naughty, it was funny. Hope you guys enjoyed.
Let’s make it 55 viewers as a goal of november 28th stream and 60 by the end of december! If you have plans for another story to be read, send it to my address at by the 28th.

3 main commission of the day:
For Lordpanther, Kiel and Nau. It was quite the challenge, plus with Madea words i drew a complete blank on background!
Luna’s progress on Chiri and Shan. To be completed later.
Vergil’s Snadhya:

Challenge of the day set by Vlashrod is “Order of the holy lance.”:

For Lay
Lunareth for i forget XD
Kite for Sindas:
Vergil to Smokehammer:

Bonus artworks:
FF14 trade from Kite which she finished before the stream:
From laerei, cat quaintana
Tsukiko new ship, Minka and Valla:
The first of our adult edition multistream with full lenght narration from our guest Madea. He of the smooth voice who shall read your smut fiction live as 3 artists struggles for your entertainement against the most NSFW commissions! From 2hPM to 8hPM with a challenge from the audience at 4h40 where you get to set a topic which we must all draw within 15 minutes. At 7h40 each of the surviving artist will make a giveaway to the audience, with a special bonus from the narrator who will craft a story for the winner.
Today’s artworks are : Shan & Chiri, Kiel & Nau, Snadhya. All of them NSFW themed. Including challenge and giveaways.
Want to watch, lurk, claim you’re not truly watching when your family member drop by the room oh look it was facebook after all you were browsing? Then drop by our multistream.


5 Responses to Adult stream first edition

  1. Razorburn645 says:

    A surprisingly fun time !

  2. smokehammer says:

    Ah Siksi…. So many more thanks to Vergil !

    And that Halloween poster by Kite is serious wallpaper material. Happy little fish mongering black meows fo-ev-or!

  3. Tsukiko says:

    That was an awesomely funny stream :)

  4. Vlashrod says:

    Stream was really fun :D

    The order of the holy lance was perfect for challenge. Kyorls are so naughty !

    Next time we bring the others orders !

    – The order of the Twin Hills
    – The order of the Sanctified Oil
    – The Inquisition of the Tainted’s Hide
    – …

    And many more !