Back to working at 4hAM =_=. Concept art with a deadline of october is complete.
Astaroth for Olarae. He isn’t a drowtales character, but she appeard in several of our stories. Still, that his class is templar led me to add that chibi scene at the bottom right.
Next urgent commission is the baloon fight for Gem, there’s Lordpanther next comic page that’s been delayed for a long time. 2 concept art for the current chapter for Sindas and Dairo then there’s the B concepts. My list has more of course but those are the ones that’s been waiting a while.

So tomorrow is the naughty stream and we have 4-5 fic already to read, that’s good. Plus Madea might make the story giveaway at the end. My co-stream partner will be Lunareth doing a Chiri and Shan pic and Vergil doing a Snadhya pic. I will be doing a Nau and Kiel pic. All of those fully adult, even the mid-stream challenge and giveaways must be adult!


6 Responses to grumpy romancable

  1. Hfar says:

    Work! Or it’s to the lead mines for you, where you shall forever mine lead for 4B pencils!

  2. partner555 says:

    B concepts? What are those?

  3. Ssapdra says:

    Yay Looking forward to the stream already have some idea for the challenge

  4. Obsidian Agent says:

    Ya know, he kinda looks like a Drow version of Corkus from “Berserk”.