The stories for Madea to read on saturday should be short. If your story is the type to have multiple chapter, just submit the juicy bit.

Progress on Olarae commission, with extra chin hair.
Gift for Kite. Of her Desmonde’s blind daughter.

And Lunareth’s mascot for the NSFW stream of saturday. A button was made and it’ll go up on daydream on friday, i hope.


3 Responses to Chin hair

  1. Gunbird says:

    You might need to get a box of kleenex and a blood bag or two for you wife tomorrow.

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Blood bag? 8S For the NSFW nosebleeds, you mean? If so, I might need a couple on stand-by myself, just in case :D

      Poor Astaroth…that seriously looks like a pube XD But don’t yank it out, you know what they say about grey hairs and all that (unless you, ahem, picked it up from someone else?) ;)-

      Desmonde? Whoa, blast from the past…we need to update the Wiki page for her, add Mirumi. Did she ever get her aura fixed, and will either of them appear in this chapter, I wonder?

      Awww…is there any way Luna can draw Candy Naga without making her look so durn adorable? 8) One could say that she’s as cute as a button (*budum-tshhh*)

      I have an appointment tomorrow morning, so I might be a couple hours late to the livestream, but I’ll see you all there!

    • Kern says:

      she intend to keep the audio off to not get distracted, we’ll see!