Durlyn’s halloween special commission is complete!
He has commissioned 1 a year for the past 4 halloween. All of which are still in this news feed database so let’s go back to the past!
The way i draw hasn’t changed much in between 2014 and 2015. Bit more dynamic. A bit more consistant.

haven’t drawn anything for Darkvolt in a long time time. While he is doing his october daily challenge, he also kept up with my silly comments so here’s an Inten to cheer him up.


6 Responses to Halloween

  1. The14th says:

    2013 is still my fav

    • smokehammer says:

      I second that, but I still love that Durliyn has these made. Theyre pretty much all awesome.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Ave benefactor yet again, Durlyn! Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without your Halloween commissions! Hopefully there isn’t going to be a problem due to running out of Sharen sisters to raid…

    Nishi’kanta: They hit Zala’s candy stash last year! It’ll be our turn this year!

    Sil’lice: No it won’t. Durlyn found us this windowless tower room with a steel door. We just have to sit outside and guard it for the night.

    Nishi’kanta: Who’s Durlyn? And why can’t we sit inside with the candy?

    Sil’lice: He’s that little Sarghress guy who hauled all our candy up here. He had that natty cape that looked like it was made of flowing hair. And the room is a bit too small-

    Sound from inside room: BOOOOOOM!!!!!!

    Sil’lice & Nishi’kanta: AAAAAA! What was that?! Get the door open!! *they struggle to get the door open*

    Nishi’kanta: The candy’s gone… and so has most of the wall! What the nether was that!? *sniffle* All that candy… blasted into nothing!

    Sil’lice: *sniff* …It was the sort of missile used by the Black Sun… Damn them! It looks like they’re out trick-or-treating as well tonight. Still, at least it wasn’t the Candy Raiders!


    Sugar Skull Faen’arae: *pilots large floating disk loaded with stolen candy*

    Vampire Ariel: *swoops in in bat form, lands, transforms*

    Sugar Skull Faen’arae: I still can’t believe it was so easy to push that stone out of the wall!

    Vampire Ariel: The wall’s built against stuff coming in from the outside. Besides, Durlyn pointed out the loose stone that he’d found. I was easily able to make myself fit through the gap after I’d passed all the candy out to you, and with that Black Sun munition that he’d picked up, we’ve blown up the evidence and laid a false trail. So that’s our Halloween trick – now let’s rendezvous with Durlyn to give him his share of the spoils…

    Sugar Skull Faen’arae: And his treat!

    So have a happy Halloween, Durlyn! >;=)>

  3. junglefowl26 says:

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  4. Durlyn says:

    Oh wow, major nostalgia fuel, wild to see all four of them up together like this, thanks for four years of excellent Halloween artwork Kern :D

    Thanks to you all too, didn’t realize my little Halloween tradition had become so popular lol. Happy Halloween everyone :3

  5. GEM76 says:

    This is Halloween…Halloween…HALLOWEEN. XD