Lunareth made the request of kittehs so kittehs were made. Better that than staring at the screen waiting for energy to come up!
On her end though she has the energy to make very polished arts lately. Look at sleepy and perky Keychain, getting ready to appear later this week in the story.

And Nori crafted a clay figure of Chiri! Much blush. Thank you Nori.


2 Responses to Fluffy kyorls

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Fluffy Kyorls? They’re extremely fluffy, certainly, but only Chirikitty is a Kyorl… unless this is referring to the new state of all the Kyorls!

    Catta’drielle: This is indeed true. I am now the Holy Mother Cat of the Val’Meowl’solenurn, and through the power and grace of Kitty Sharess, we have all been transformed into cats, the better to carry out her work. For do not cats hunt down the foulest vermin, while keeping themselves immaculately clean and groomed? Do not cats have nine lives, the better to serve her? Are not cats the finest and cutest things ever? *prrrrrrrrrr* And are not cats a bigger challenge for galumphing great Sarghress heirs to imitate? *unblinking glare at Ariel*

    Ariel: *morphs into cat* *prrrrrew!* ;-3

    Chirikitty: Ah, holy mother! While I was listening to your address, Keychat here managed to close the distance with me without appearing to move. I think she’s about to start spreading across me!

    Keychat: *prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* ^ω^

    Catta’drielle: Wardens of the Order of the Dangled String, go forth at once and distract these pretender cats!!

    Snadhya’rune: This is bad. I need a catnip bomb developed by the end of the day, and a yarn ball focus by the end of the week, or they will simply overwhelm us with their stealth, numbers and cuteness! :-(


  2. Hfar says:

    Oh my! So cute! We must now fluffyfy every Kyrol.