Main commission is incomplete:
2 more hours is needed, 2 hours i don’t have today.
Challenge set by tsukiko : “Monsters in love”:

For gunbird:
For bluetiggy, yes Kite put 1h30 on it.
For Cutie:

Bonus cuteness from Lunareth, look at the adorables!

On today’s multistream we have Durlyn’s halloween special, a Queen of butts from Lunareth and today’s page from Kite. With the usual mid-stream challenge and end of stream giveaway. To watch , participate or vegetate on this cold saturday, join us on the multistream.


11 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Durlyn says:

    Very cute collection of pics, especially the draft of Candy Raiders 4 :D

    P.S. the Halloween Candy Naga & dancing Faen pics are great too :3

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Damnit, can’t identify all the Halloweenies – Ariel Voorheesarghress and Faen’arae Krueger are easy, but is that Pinhead Shanobite on the right, there? And who’s the girl with the teeth and the knife?

    Chirikitty and Keychat are both highly cute, but who gets the impression that Chiri would be a one-person cat, haugtily avoiding contact with anyone but her dear Shan’naal, while Key would be all over everyone, rubbing up against legs and rolling around on laps with happy abandon?

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Hmm, since both of them have identical icey blue eyes, I’d bet they’re Shala as Michael Myers from Halloween on the left and Kau as Pinhead from Hellraiser on the right. And +5 panty shot on Zala’ess…all five of them are so cute! ^^

      Is that adorable Wafay and Sata in Kite’s monster set? :) And yay Candy Naga, so happy…sweets for the sweet! ;)-

      Oh, no way Greenwood…Keychat is a one-lap kitty too, don’cha know? She might meow at everybody though, she’s a friendly kitty 8)- But I agree that Chirikitty would more than likely hiss at you if you aren’t Shan…*hisss* >83

    • Durlyn says:

      Those our my Maeyukir OCs Durlyn (yes, I’m so original lol) & his big sister Bal’diira lol. Bal’diira is dressed as Chucky from Child’s Play & Dur is indeed dressed as Pinhead from Hellraiser.

    • Navian says:

      Chiri seems very tolerant, to me! Aloof, but not haughty unless she gets flustered. (That does seem to happen a lot.) Shan’s just one of the few people who doesn’t rub her the wrong way, mostly because it seems nearly everyone finds her reactions to it highly entertaining.

      • Greenwood Goat says:

        Now you’ve got me thinking about how a meeting between Chirikitty and Keychat might go. On neutral territory: Chiri paces past, planting her paws firmly, casting a suspicious glance at Key, Key prances past, tail high, insoucient kitty smile. On Chiri’s territory: Chiri is a bristling ball of floof and hissing, angry teeth and claws to the fore, Key is backed up, eyes wide and ears back, hiding behind her tail. On Key’s territory: Chiri sits still and uncertain, while Key paces delicately round and round and round her, emphasising that she owns the place without needing to attack her. On catnip territory: Chiri lolls, catnip-stoned, while Key snuggles up, purring and nuzzling… >:=3>