Tomorrow is an halloween stream with Durlyn’s commission as centerpiece where the cast will be in various slasher vilain costume. While the actual halloween of the 31 we will be holding a special NSFW livestream for daydream. With Lunareth and Vergil as co-streamer. Even the challenge and giveaway will be adult themed. If it prove people like it, we may be doing it at every end of months.
This said, bask in the cute fluff Lunareth made today:
Chirinide reached a whole new level of hair and tail fluff. That or the cat version is just what will happen if Shan keep not noticing Chiri’s need.

And progress on two commission. First for Azri , the concept sketch. There is only 2 more concept left after this one.
And Gem’s baloon fight 4 possible composition


4 Responses to Cute fluff

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Aw, is that partner555’s Ari’nara there? 8) I hope she finds her sister soon. So the two remaining concepts are Rafal’za for Sindas and…? :o Looking forward to the livestream tomorrow, but I might miss part of the 31st NSFW livestream, I hope not too much of it…

    Chiri and Keychain by Luna look adorable as always…although only Chiri seems to have developed cat-eyes? ;)- I can imagine Chiri-cat getting pissed at someone, leaping on them scratching with all fours, hissing at ’em…a la Neko-musume on GeGeGe no Kitaro, she was pretty scary when she transforms, serious Bakeneko action there:

  2. Hfar says:

    Ooo~! I won’t be able to show up for tomorrow’s livestream, but that Daydream livestream sounds like fun!