By Kite. No progress on commission today either though I hope to complete a concept art thursday. AND move on from the Dutan’vir war scene. My estimation of 80 pages for this chapter had 20 pages dedicated to this part so we’re within the estimated count so far! It’ll be good to focus on a smaller scenes for a while.


One Response to Kupo

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Awww, cute Moogle icon, Kite! :D Now hold da phone, Kern…there’s the small matter of the two pages the Nidraa’chal appropriated from the Dutan’vir still outstanding! B( I say we slap a mechanic’s lien on the Nids until they cough up the two awesome, glorious pages they owe the stag-wolves…Snadhya, pay up! (and no, Kite’s delightful chibi recap does not count, Snads…fork it over already!) ;D

    j/k Kern, I really enjoyed the tragic tale of the second fall of the Dutan’vir, it has been very dramatic, thank you and great job! :)