Octobear month continues. Sponsored by Lordpanther

Challenge set by the B ;Beldrobbaen under knit wares.
Bonus pictures by Darkvolt. Bring in the cookies!


It’s streaming time again. On today’s menu we have a cute octobear chasing cookies from me, Darkvolt will work on animations and Kite will finish this week’s page. With mid-stream 15 minutes challenge and end of stream giveaways. You want to poke us, challenge us, watch us(please don’t watch us while we sleep…) then drop by our multistream.


12 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Disestablish says:

    They make their Sister proud, continuing the cookie stealing tradition perfected by Ariel with her sneaky ways as a kids…. Still no way in Hel is Vara’nin gonna watch the little monsters. She would rather fight a Kyorl wall worm,

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Well, surely Octobears and octaves go together… and as every musician knows, Every Good Bear Deserves Feeding / Finding All Cookies Easily. †

    And will we be seeing any more of this mysterious masked luchador, La Tortuga Flamiente?

    Chirinide: Yes, if she dares to come out! For I, *pulls on mask, pulls off robes to reveal white luchador costume with silver and gold flame motif* La Quemada, will be waiting to fight her fire WITH FIRE!!! *does backward somersault, poses and manifests burst of cleansing flame*


    † Mnemonic for the notes on the lines of the treble clef / mnemonic for the notes on the spaces of the treble clef (traditionally given as Every Good Boy Deserves Favour / FACE).

  3. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Gotta say that while this livestream was so full of awesome art that you all really outdid yourselves, my favorite has to be the two Kiels, as a Luchadora and as Yellow (gold?) Ranger…Kern and DarkVolt, I’m glad you two colored them, now I’m wanting to see her back in action in DT! :D Kite, I’m glad you went with the two-tooth Octobear, she’s adowable (and the backup bears are suitably spooky). Thanks guys!

  4. Nori says:

    OHONHONHON Kite was right, her Octobear is the perfect size for a desktop background *3*! Amazing work as always guys, the 15 minute challenge and requests at the end this week were hilarious, especially loving Kiel as a super sentai and the various waes/token naal being crushed xD Octobear is glorious in every picture of course, and if I had two monitors Kern’s commission would probably be my other screen >:D((speaking of, didn’t think about it until now, but are we still allowed to use commissioned works for personal stuff such as backgrounds?? There’s no like faux pas against that or anything right D:?!))

    ((((also,also,also, Darkvolt’s little mouse sorceress(?) is like so freakin adorable, the world just needed to know that *3* It was really interesting to see DV approach the walk cycle animation too, helped a lot with a project I’m working on and was just generally really clean and smooth and yeah, very enjoyable to watch :>)))

    And I hope Luna feels better soon, lots of rest and soup for her poor soul :c!

  5. Hfar says:

    Truly knit ware is the most deadly of all weapons. My god! It’s all clear now! Grandma’s are actually super assassin’s in disguise! I must warn everyone before they

  6. Durlyn says:

    Awesome collection of pics, especially the one of Octobear and her bros Vene & Pup! They make an adorable trio :D