Concept for starlitdragon defeated. +10exp.

Speaking of Starlitdragon, she will be our co-streamer on saturday. If Darkvolt could be a fourth streamer it’d be like having the old team back together.


8 Responses to Angry librarian

  1. smokehammer says:

    Ah the first to stream returns. I wonder if she’s still worshiping the smilie goddess?

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    It’ll be fun to see what she’ll be drawing during the stream. She did the original reference for Seth, right? Speaking of Seth, I guess the gold eyes/silver hair look is popular among the greys (I’m lookin’ atchoo, Satsicia)…the concept looks very nice, he does look angry and bookish. Being an inquisitor means he’s an empath, but not necessarily a seer, right? Still he parried a crossbow bolt like nobody’s business, very impressive. He kinda guided the artillery to hit CBL’s window, though, so I’m sorry, Akumu’s gotta fight him >:D Yeah right, that’ll happen when haledri fly. She’ll get within sight of him and “BANG…bweh heh heh…” she’ll be Jiaan’ed into a puddle…

    • smokehammer says:

      You know the crazy beautiful insanely detailed backgrounds that used to be in the comic (such as ch 26, pg 22) – look at the credits at the bottom of those pages – that’s Starlit’s work.

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        Oh, that’s right, thanks Smoke! She really made the Illhar’dro territory look spectacular…I do miss those elaborate cityscapes, the Klarbol with that big ol’ shaft of light, Chel’s cavern glittering above and below. Constrast with chapter 43 page 28 where Mel takes one last look at the city from the Nal’sarkoth gate…”Quain’tana’s work has left its scars,” which has the double meaning of when her arms were broken. The city no longer glitters, the war having taken its toll. Starlitdragon was no longer on the credits by then, and while I’m sure she can make a darker, more battle-scarred cityscape if she wanted to, I think the absence of her talents fit the scene of a city at war.

    • Kern says:

      Right, seer and empath are different ranks.
      I miss the backgrounds too.

  3. Razara says:

    Only appeared for a few panels, but already my favorite Kyorl cameo ever. (Except maybe Tar’shay.)