Survived the great picarto LagApocalypse? Congrat, you are now level 2.
Faen and octobear ultra cute edition by Lunareth for Lordpanther:

commission for Thrair but it isn’t completed yet. At the end my brain just couldn’t process my idea for the background. CTRL+DEL KERN. End all tasks, send to bed. Reboot KERN another day and make sure to defrag with good tea.

Thrair was also the one to set the challenge of Quain vs Zala at chess. But everyone drew Quain vs Chess itself.
Pastel apocalypse:

For Vlash:
For Hfar:
For Ace: (Second time Luna is being asked to draw Ariel with a gun within a month. Is Ariel with a gun a thing?)

And Pastel apocalypse made a cute Ariel as a ssu based on the discussion of what if Ariel change her shape to one.
If i had time i would try to do one too.
Happy octobearfest to everyone. Today Lunareth will draw some octobear while i tackle Thrair’s character through the ages. Kite will colors today’s page if she manage to awaken from her legendary slumber. Plus mid-stream challenge and end of stream giveaways. To watch, participate or hang out, drop by our multistream.


9 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. The14th says:

    The pawn sacrifice comment does a pretty good job summing up the difference between Sarg and Sharen war tactics.

  2. Hfar says:

    Surviving the Great Picarto LagApocalypse only gets us to level 2, huh? Dare I ask what we have to do to get to level 3?

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Did you figure out how to make the lag go away? I think it was Cutie who suggested reloading a bajillion times…I tried that towards the end, and each time Kern’s screen would refresh first, then when Luna’s screen came up there was lag…and when Kite’s screen came up there was lag…then it would lag every few seconds after that. Sure was frustrating, until on one reload, Luna’s screen refreshed before Kern’s, and guess what? No lag! :D But then when Luna signed off, the lag came back. So it was a real crapshoot to get lag to go away…hopefully Picarto gets it fixed by next time

      btw Kern, thanks for telling me the name of your Challenge theme song, but it lagged right when you told me, so I couldn’t hear it :( Would you please tell me again what the name of the Challenge theme song is? It rawks

      • Hfar says:

        Sadly no. It settled down on me at one point, but then I refreshed to reset something and the blasted stream started lagging again.

      • Navian says:

        I’m pretty sure even if, hypothetically, ‘refresh the page repeatedly’ were to be a solution to one person’s lag, it would be a very probable cause of more lag for almost everyone. There’s no better way to cause an internet traffic jam than having many people refresh a page at the same time while trying to get it to work better.

      • Kern says:

        danganronpa 2 .monomi’s theme

        • Basileus_Ioannis says:

          Thanks Kern…it’s got a house beat, at 120 bpm, but more techno in flavor, I like it. btw thank you again for the livestream, the art was just incredible as always, even Neige made an audio appearance, it was a lot of fun!

  3. Illasol/IaY says:

    Yes the lag was a bit annoying but it was defenitly on picartos end. Was in another stream after this one and the lagging was still there. But the stream itself was really great^^.