Hm, not much to show today. It’s just one of those days where there’s only time to do the next page and the writing.
Still , Miburo’s concept was too similar to Pitdragon’s. I remade her face to see what other version could work out.
She liked the shouty face the best. Expect her to be very shouty in the story!
I’ve reached a point in the story where all the hunter cameos concept are really urgent. So little time O_O. So yes truth seekers you come last. And there’s lordpanther 4 horselady of the apocalypse that must be completed this month.


4 Responses to Busy busy busy

  1. Pitdragon says:

    Girlfriend, we’re gonna slay some tainted and knock the heresy out of corrupted. *strong jaw of Faith pose*

    • Miburo says:

      You scowl at it, dear warden, I’ll yell at it. if it doesn’t chance its heretical ways we’ll kill it.

      dream team, right there.

  2. Hfar says:

    Run Forrest- I mean, draw Kern, draw!