Today’s livestream was short and so the lineart on the cover was not completed live. So first picture is the progress on the next chapter cover. Which goes online tuesday.
Second is the giveaway for Distablish
Third is giveaway for Cutiesquiggoth
Fourth is today’s 15 min daily challenge : Pirate king one piece Ariel

Fifth is my designing process for the cover, that alone took a big portion of the stream. Taking inputs and refining.

Sixth is Luna giveaway to Noire:
The new chapter stream! I will be doing the cover for it live, while Kite wrap up the last page of the mini story. Lunareth on her side will defeat the next queen o butts page. With the usual mid stream challenge where we all have 15 minutes to do a randomly selected topic and the end of stream giveaways. To watch, participate or just hang out, drop by our multistream.


9 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Disestablish says:

    When Octobear learnt how to climb with her hair, none were safe, Vara’nin was just the first of many to fall to her evil ways.

  2. partner555 says:

    Oh, I forgot to ask at the stream, but how many concept arts are there left to do? I know mine is in that list.

  3. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Thanks everyone for another enjoyable livestream! I hope Kite is feeling better, and everyone got some much-needed rest. The cover looks good so far, I don’t think we’ve had Valla on a cover yet. The giveaways look awesome as usual…Octobear facehugging Varanin is like a cute-on-cute ice cream sammitch :D Ydna having problems finding a Sargh boob plate that fits is hilarious (I miss her), and oh gosh Luna’s giveaway is just so adorably sexy (tiny hands and feet! eee!). The Ariel-as-Pirate-King challenge by partner555 was unique… arr matey, that mer-Faen figurehead might indeed be fishy, Pirate King Ariel! Shiver me timbers, Kite’s PK Ariel is looking mighty shifty with that hair-stache, standing on the One Piece! And avast, Luna’s PK Ariel is lookin’ as fetching as a chest full of pieces of eight! Good job all! (the hair-stache kinda reminds me of a Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack episode where Captain K’nuckles enters the Beard Off contest, and Flapjack tries to give him a hand)

    • Navian says:

      I fell asleep after breakfast, and missed the whole thing… at least I had potatoes.

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        Aw, that’s too bad… :( Yes, at least you had some “ballast for the stomach” :) Kern’s webcam was still on the fritz, and Kite’s headset was causing problems too, it was hard to hear her. They pushed on for several hours, but Kite was fading fast, and Luna was getting tired too, so they hurried up and did the challenge early, then Kite had to retire (poor thing). The feline staff members must have been tired too, because nary a meow was heard (unlike the week before, where we not only got to hear Kite’s kitty using the Cat-aphone from the basement, but Neige attacked the box again). Towards the end, Kern was talking about when he did a 24-hour livestream several years ago, during which he ended up breaking a molar in his mouth live! 8O Hopefully we’ll all catch our dauntless artists next Saturday (and keeping fingers crossed that the webcam and headphone issues will be resolved). Now, on to…chapter 49! :D

        • Navian says:

          Reminds me of those 24-hour IRC RPG sessions… and MMORPG sessions… and 36-hour CRPG ‘beat the whole game in one go without taking a break’ sessions… I regret them all. Movie and anime marathons seem a little less dangerous, and a lot harder to remember. I don’t think I’ve done any of those longer than about 13 hours, though.

  4. Durlyn says:

    Looks like Ariel beat Luffy to the punch! >;3