And Shan join the cut.(i now see his right arm is too long, yes i know, it’s too late now.) It’d be nice to do all the other main cast of the next chapter but there’s simply no time left. Tomorrow at 2hPm i tackle the cover art on the stream. A cover that’ll go online on tuesday once Kite finishes all her magic hocus pocus. Which then Starlit will apply her own magic to become a site background. As for what the other streamers will do tomorrow, Lunareth will finish the next queen o butt page and Kite will finish monday,s update, the last page of the babies mini story.


4 Responses to Shan’s monkey right arm

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Eh, Kern, his right arm is within reasonable perspective size…it is closer to the camera than his left arm. Judging from the angle he is facing to look at Chiri, he looks a pace or two back, and his shoulder is angled towards her, so it’s all good! More importantly, holy crap the boy’s been workin’ out! 8o He’s got the physique of a soldier, them forearms look pretty formidable. They all grow up so fast…*sniff* ;D

  2. Hfar says:

    You have brought dishonor to your name by making this mistake! If you wish to redeem yourself you must follow the artists of old and fall upon your brush!

    And I look forward to seeing how the cover comes out!

  3. Navian says:

    It’s an exciting mini-story! Who knew there could be so much action and drama in under ten pages. And yes, things always seem to turn out better on the page. I guess that’s what these are for.