You guys and your poo hat puns!
Chiri design update, because it need to be done before saturday as she is keycenter on it. Her hand to the right is meant to reach for Shan’s in the next update.
The biggest challenge with her is her body type. She’s meant to be thin, small, yet mature. Small east asian body proportion with lidless eyes. Yet curly blond! It’s a lot harder than it appears, at least to me.
Luna ask about the secret of Chiri’s perfect hair . It’s simple, purity of soul. Obviously those who wake up with messy hairs have very naughty souls. :P
That and Chiri is a very stable sleeper, trained from years of sleeping on a hard head support.


18 Responses to So much fluffy hair

  1. suntiger745 says:

    Do you mean her eyes has an epicanthic fold?
    If she has lidless eyes she wouldn’t be able to blink! :P

    • Finn MacCool says:

      according to my dictionary, “lidless” also means “vigilant” or “alert”.

    • Kern says:

      The term was describe to me as in having no fold of skin for the lid.

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        The Japanese call uncreased eyelids Hito-e, or one-layered; creased eyelids are Futa-e, or two-layered. While cosmetic surgery to add creases to uncreased eyelids is popular throughout east Asia, the recent trend in Kawaii culture is to use double-stick tape to simulate creases, something that even teenagers can safely do, and more importantly, undo to avoid the wrath of their parents or teachers :D So Chiri, like my Akumu, would have Hito-e eyes

        Epicanthic folds (at the inner eye corner) are less visible in uncreased eyelids; it is more noticeable in creased eyelids, where there tends to be less fat cells in the eyelids overall. Epicanthic folds are easy to get rid of, by pinching the skin on the bridge of the nose. Being half Asian, I have vestigial epicanthic folds but creased eyelids; everyone on my mom’s side of the family have uncreased eyelids.

  2. Ash'arion says:

    What I wanna know is how Chiri’s shirt fits between her breasts. It would have to have been tailored specifically to do that.

    • smokehammer says:

      Forget about that, look at the pants on these two. I knew it things would get bad in Chel once Sarv’swati was defeated but, tights? Leather tights. That MIGHT be ok for a girl however I doubt it. My voice went up an octave just looking at these pictures. Hopefully the Ill’hardro will save everyone by importing Baggies.

    • Hfar says:

      It’s well documented that anime boobs produce their own gravity. That’s why cloth clings so close to the skin and why scanty covering stays in place on busty characters.

    • Navian says:

      I guess it’s leather, so stretching it out a bit could be an after-market modification? Like Sergeant Angua’s breastplate in the Discworld books: ‘Hammered out a bit, here… and here’. Does look like the start of a strange fashion year, though.

    • Kern says:

      Practicing tight fitting fabric. it’s probably not going to show like this in the comic.

  3. Hfar says:

    Clearly Chirinide uses a lot of sham-poo. Although she still doesn’t top Snadhya, who uses the real thing.

    And you know, it never quite sunk in for some reason just how short Chirinide is compared to Ariel. I mean, I know on average Ssu ladies are shorter than Lath and Ariel is even taller than average, dayum!

  4. Durlyn says:

    Beautiful work, I hope to see these three awesome ladies together again soon :3

  5. Disestablish says:

    Hey, are you calling Vara’nin unpure?! Because that is baloney! Vara’nin is much too adorable to have a secret pouch in her bags just for naughty magazines… Don’t even bother looking, you’ll never find it…. Because it’s not there, of course. >.>

  6. AthenAltena says:

    Chiri’s hair makes me think of a comment CLAMP once made comparing their character Kotori’s hair to udon noodles. And now I’m hungry.