Chapter 49 cover will be done during this saturday’s livestream. It’ll be a complex one so at best the ink of it will be done live.

One more concept done, this time for Gem.


8 Responses to Evil ponytails

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Hehehee… has she ever ended up in bed with Baliir?

    Baliir: I think this is going to have to be our last time, I’m afraid… your inebriation cheapens the whole affair, and your evil, megalomaniac rants are just a turn-off… I hear enough of that back home…

    Xharidil’uit: ;_;


    • Hfar says:

      Except when she’s drunk she has terrible taste in lovers. And quite clearly Baliir is the very best of lovers. ;)

  2. Metzger says:

    So she is only a Nid? no other clan affiliation at all?

    • Pitdragon says:

      Sharen. She showed up in Chapter 47, first on page 8 but seen better on page 9. Also Gem had pages made about an alternate timeline where she captures and twists Zair, Gem’s Sarghress cameo, into her assassin and plaything.

      • Vlashrod says:

        Chapter 41 ;)

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        I remember that page Kern did on the livestream a few weeks ago, where Zair drops off three severed heads at her feet…she was looking very Vel’Sharen in that scene. So now she’s become a Nid…her smile does look a bit like Snad’s, too. Better watch out, overly-ambitious one…somebody sees you!

        • Navian says:

          Haha, her close-up really makes me think of Kalki, actually…

          • Basileus_Ioannis says:

            Well, maybe her youthful, sharp eyes and eyebrows for sure, but her full, purple lips curled in that spooky “I’ma gonna make you a summon” smile is very Snaddy :o