Completed gem’s concept art for his mini story with Mary of the Seksia story. Now that this one is done, everything else will be chapter 49 concept arts for a while.
For tomorrow’s stream at 2hPm, Luna will join us. She has a sharen commission , kite will have more baby madness and i , as said above, it’ll be concept arts only. If you did not get your sketch yet, tomorrow is a good time, else i’ll complete what i already have sketched for whoever is there.

And Kite practiced a different style for her painting.


9 Responses to Black sun

  1. Dakla says:

    Can’t wait to learn about this dude and Kite is the mistress of the CUTE!

    • GEM76 says:

      Are you sure you want to meet him >:3

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        Poor dude…looks like when they were handing out “fugly” he thought they said “snuggly” so he got an extra dose. BUTT, he’s not stupid…when you come up short on the looks department, it’s always a plus to go masochist, because there’s no shortage of hawt sadist drow women! ;o;

        I like Kite’s new painting style *3* (she really loves that character, doesn’t she?) Them teeth came out really neat, they look sharp (literally)!

      • Dakla says:

        No doubt I would like to punch him later on for being a-hole but I always like to meet new characters.

  2. partner555 says:

    That was a Black Sun? I thought he was a goblin from the sketch.

  3. junglefowl26 says:

    Well, I think this guy has to go down as “ugliest elf ever” Wonder what happened to him.