No news on monday and tuesday as we took two days off. But hey, back to work now and this is a productive day so far with the long delayed next page of daydream’s original story remake being done at last.
It doesn’t require an account to access, just to vote on what happens next. Because this is a remake, the choices are locked down to pre-selected ones. Sponsored by Lordpanther like before.
So that leave only concept arts for a while now. With two concept art for Gem being urgent at this point!

Mau is running a giveaway for Weareferals! All supporters run the chance of winning an extra artwork of their character in the week to come. To participate, simply be a member on patreon(10$+).
Also a huge thanks to lunareth for backing us up with a surprise chibi parody on monday!


5 Responses to Switching roles page 6

  1. Disestablish says:

    The best of secret streams.
    So much boobs.
    Unrelated note, I JUST noticed one of the sketches from last Saturday has my Character’s name on it with Mal land a heart…. Anyone who watched the stream last week know what’s up with that? Because I missed that stream and am confuzzled.

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Hi Disestablish, it’s my bad…Kern was putting a random ship on my Akumu concept art, and he couldn’t remember the name of the second half of the ship. He said “you know, the one with the hair”, and all I could think of was Vara’nin’s naturally curly hair, so I asked if that was the person. By then Kern had put a different name up there (I can’t remember who), and with the delay in chat, when he saw I had asked “Vara’nin?” he thought it was a suggestion and erased whoever he had put on the ship and put her name instead. I asked him to change it back, but if you approve, please let Kern know it’s okay (or better yet, if you can think of a hilarious ship with Mal, please tell him that instead!). Sorry for the confusion…

      • Disestablish says:

        Yeeeeeeeeeeees. Shipping. All the ships. Shiiiiiiiiiiiips.I guess you can tell Kern it’s okay? Not sure it would affect the story much though!

        • Basileus_Ioannis says:

          Okay, thanks Dis, will do (and I had NO idea Akumu had a shipyard in her journal, I swear!) :D Oh, it would be a hella surprise if my cameo even registers as a blip in the story, let alone the shipping…er, journal writing quirk!

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    I saw Diva in that smokin’ vinyl-look lingerie, so I clicked on it…and nearly died of blood loss from the nosebleed (thankfully the gusher missed my keyboard or I’d be shopping for a new laptop!) *sniff* And is that Mau’s ferals up there? So cute! ^^