Not so much “multi” in this week stream. Kite was taken down offline twice and Lunareth was kidnapped into a party. But Bast held the conversation frontline for hours! Thanks Bast.
Lots of concept arts sketches got done. If this is one of yours, feel free to review.


Yes i did forget Tanooen’s hand.

The challenge this week was just “Babies” and as this was one of the two point where Kite went offline, i ended up doing two:
Navian Snadhyababy
(Chuck) Noris:

Giveaway. Only one this week and this for Reefireparot:

On today’s stream : Concept , concept , concept. For whoever is there at the time. Kite will finish monday’s page, begin tuesday’s. Lunareth will show up later to do a page of her own. And Bast may devour us all.
To watch, lurk, listen to Kite’s soothing voice, then drop by our multistream.


10 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. FoxFeather says:

    I know the second baby pic is supposed to be the baby in Baliir’s arms. But it REALLY looks like he’s on a sofa xD

  2. Nori says:

    Is Navian’s Kaito and Riz’s baby or are my eyes deceiving me :O?!((I’m also loving the color choice on her as a random aside *3*)) Super cute results from the baby challenge overall, they’re all glorious ;v; >:B–Baby Waes-noz is ridiculously shiiiiiiiiiiny in the best of ways possible, I’m entranced over here*o*, and the Saraliir twins are hilarious, gotta commend that A+ parenting from Sara of course xD

    May speed be with you lining all of those commissions in the week to come and great stream as always guys :>!

    • Navian says:

      Hahaha, thanks. I was aiming for a baby Snadhya’rune. I’m still very embarrassed, so I’m glad someone liked it!

  3. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Whoa Kern…you were a concept art dynamo today! Thank you so much for your talented efforts, and especially for putting up with my difficulties with the quirks. Akumu is looking great, Mal with the Tiktikki catapult looks ready to blast some zealots, Raveena’s pompadrow is…huge, Tanooen looks really sharp holding the chain, and Myoko sleeping while cleaning her crossbow is cute. The babies are all so adorable…now, the one with Sara holding her daughter, with the smoke coming off her feet and the “FWEEE” sound, it looks like she is breaking wind :D And Kite’s Waes-Kel baby makes it clear that he’s a sun, darn it! :) Navian’s baby Snad already has the glare and pose down (good job on the colors, and no outlines!). Nori’s Kiel-Nau daughter definitely has Chrys’ looks (almost too pretty, considering those two parents, heh). The giveaway Queen Nega with cockatiel really stands out, the crisp details really pop. Despite Kite’s computer problems and Luna being absent, with Bast’s voice presence, it was yet another enjoyable livestream, thanks to you all!

  4. Disestablish says:

    Those last two look cute…TOO CUTE. Vara’nin shall need to do battle with them to keep her spot as the cutest cameo

  5. LordPanther says:

    Happy Labor Day Kern.