Grumpy face concept for Pitdragon. Grumpy meet news, news meet grumpy. Now butt heads.

As to the work being done for the past few days, mostly writing. or brainstorming the writing. Takes time. The babies mini story will be 8 pages long, as for the Kyorl chapter, i don’t know yet.
Today came a pretty concerning news as well. Our income tax reports was dealt with a long time ago, everything’s fine there but the studio’s income tax never got to it’s destination. And we have an accountant for that kind of thing. Problem is , the governement now made up a number , an “estimate” of what is owed them, plus a heavy fee on top for that delay. So i’ve the feeling tomorrow during business hours i’ll be running around a lot.


22 Responses to Grumpy face

  1. Pitdragon says:

    Just think really angry thoughts toward that fee and Asta will headbutt it for ya.

  2. Mizu says:

    Their face looks like it was carved out of a rock, I wonder if they were born that way or if they had to train for it by breaking rocks with their face.

    • Pitdragon says:

      Six of one, half dozen of the other. Once she got over the teasing the Goddess guided her to “The Quain’tana Method of Face-Breaking Rocks, Vols. I-V”. Blessed be.

  3. Disestablish says:

    See?! See?! THIS is why Vara’nin ran like a tiktikka from a goblins tent from the Kyorl the minute she safely could. Buncha crazies, jerks and crazy jerks.

  4. Lement says:

    That empathy usage. Oh dear

    I can already tell it will be quite memorable.

    Such potential. To act on what is felt but not done, will he violate the order of things, or be the spark for a revolution?

    • Pitdragon says:

      Ah! You mistook her for a templar too! “When you get paired, are you sure you’ll be the warden? Or the templar?” Joked all the other girls. :( They stopped laughing too hard when they realized she seemed to know when they were snickering behind her back. And got that really scary look in her eye.

      But she doesn’t know she’s a weak, fuzzy-reception-only empath, nor would know how to realize it (and who knows if she’d been discovered or if it mattered since she seemed to do well in her warden training and didn’t really broadcast). So what started as “intuition” that seemed to help her out, especially in training and battle or questioning “shady” individuals, became to her divine intervention. With the rhetoric we see Valla’drielle feeding her class back in chapter 10 (“Wardens speak with the voice of the Goddess.”) and Seers having visions and guiding the clan, what else could it be to her?

      • suntiger745 says:

        Huh, so their culture both created her delusion in a way, and then reinforced it.
        Quite interesting. Like the character already. :)

  5. Hfar says:

    I can imagine it might be confusing for Asta’lin when she walks past a brothel. “Oh sweet merciful goddess! Why would you want me to do such unclean things?!”

    Ah, fun with taxes. And it sounds like the government’s being a butt about it too.

    • Pitdragon says:

      Weirdly, I can see Kyorl not being complete prudes (Drow culture and all) but just being moral sticks-in-the-mud about everything else. Unless they’re against “negotiations of affections,” meaning nookie should always be free! :D “Free love… but none of that Demon stuff!”

      Most people don’t hit on Asta though so she’d be kinda flustered about the whole thing anyway. :(

  6. Pariel says:

    Lol, she is fabulous!

    • Pitdragon says:

      It’s the butt, isn’t it? She does have a big butt, I cannot lie. Or that 80s-inspired mane…

      • Pariel says:

        I just imagined her in one of the tetchy white dresses of the kyorls when not on duty.
        I frikkin’ died.

  7. Greenwood Goat says:

    Hehe, imagine if someone had a prophetic vision, and Asta was sent to shadow Kyo’nne and her band… “The Goddess wants me to chill out and go after cute boys!?” “The Goddess creates beauty… so yes, I must pet all the pretty dawmeres and ferals in her name!” “The way to the Goddess is through chocolate bonbons! …Just like when Shimi’lande was in charge…” “The adversary that was foretold is extirpated! I must return to report my success… after we’ve all done each other’s hair and picked out new outfits!”

    And imagine if she was sent to stake out the feral village from We Are Ferals… “Shinies! More shinies for the Goddess! :-3”


  8. partner555 says:

    I hope you manage to sort the tax issues, Kern. It’s never easy when the Govt thinks you are evading taxes. And this is coming from someone who does other people’s taxes for a living.

  9. partner555 says:

    By the way, is that the first you’re hearing from the government or have they been making contact with you for a while now?

    • Kern says:

      the studio is incorporated since 2005, it’s not the first time i’m in touch with revenue services. It’s just the first time this kind of issue arised. New accountant this year…

  10. starlitdragon says:

    You should ask your accountant for proof of delivery that your corporate taxes were sent to the government. The accounting firm should be using registered mail or a courier service if they file a bunch of taxes at once so they can deny liability in the event the CRA drops your corporate taxes into a fire. Hopefully there’s a CRA number you can call to explain the issue.

    If you accountant has zero proof your taxes were sent, let me know..