Today begun well with a new picarto, lot of people and then… well. Migraine struck. I tried to marshall on but my vision did go away , again and people around were right that i should just leave in that case. Thankfully it was a short one under medicated slumber. So while the livestream began productive , in the end little got done:
First of the chapter 49 concept art begin with a cute fuzzy one for Distablish.
Concept art in progress for Pitdragon.

Andromedai’s 15 minutes challenge was “Warhammer” and i like the taus, so:
Darkvolt (Yes he lives!):

Giveaway from Kite for eucep:
Giveaway from Luna for Vlashrod:
On today’s livestream we… look confused at Picarto new interface. But beside that! We’ll get today’s page done, the next daydream Queen o butts and i will do 2 concept arts. Possibly a parody page sketch based on the audience inputs as well. Want to watch, participate and perhaps win a giveaway? Then drop by our multistream.


23 Responses to saturday stream

  1. Gunbird says:

    I can’t register to the stream.

  2. SFI/Bwoman says:

    My laptop can’t handle the stream ;A; Finally got time to watch it again AND I CAN’T WATCH IT D:

    • partner555 says:

      Oh, that has got to suck. I remember all the times I couldn’t watch because of my computer having severe issues.

  3. Pitdragon says:

    If you register but have problems with updating chat or seeing all the windows in the stream, refresh the page. Might have to do it a few times to get things working, I noticed…

  4. FoxFeather says:

    Note to self: Ask for a Kern Burrito during next week’s challenge. That would be wayyy too funny.

  5. Disestablish says:

    Vara’nin is actually immune to the flower plague, because her hair can physically strangle any flower growing out of her head until its dead.
    The more you know.

  6. Pitdragon says:

    Fell asleep during the giveaway, good to see Octobear giving great grandma some attention. XD

  7. Greenwood Goat says:

    Dat hair… now, who else has hair with a life of its own?

    Vara’nin’s hair: ♥

    Octobear’s octohair: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ *tangle-glomp*

    Vara’nin: My backpack’s become very heavy all of a sudden… wait- backpack?! *tries to investigate*

    Octobear: *giggle*


    Faen’arae: She says it followed her home. Can she keep it?

    Ariel: What… so our Octobear’s recruiting her own squad already? Sure she can! :-)

    Vara’nin: ;_;

    Quain’tana: I approve. Now she’ll have someone else’s hair to go and bother…*muttermuttergrowl*


  8. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Wow, Vara’nin’s character profile came out great (even the fat dawmere looks so cute), that Tau mech really looks sharp, Luna’s giveaway is so beautiful, and while Octobear facehugger is just naturally adorable, it takes Kite to make a Tyranid look cuddly! :) So glad to see DarkVolt back…that Vulcan cannon on that mech looks sweet! I’m sorry Kern was stricken by migraines, but it was really good to see him make a comeback laik a bawss! Thanks as always to Kern, Kite, and also to Luna for taking over hosting in the interim, and along with Kite, kept us rowdy bunch entertained with your art and banter. No thanks to Picarto for causing so many of us consternation in just trying to log on, or read, hear, or see each other, with little or no warning. Overall, though, it was a successful livestream, and I had a lot of fun!

  9. AthenAltena says:

    Cute curly (ex)Kyorl! *grabs and takes home*

  10. Hfar says:

    D’aaw! Vara’nin is so cute!

    Also Kern, we appreciate your work ethic (oh gods especially compared to some other webcomics), but take care of your health man! As designated art slave, we demand you stay healthy!

  11. Metzger says:

    Vara’nin, Octobear and Suna, together they form… the Cute Adorable Trio!! yeah, the name need some work

    • Disestablish says:

      Is this just an attempt to make Vara’nin their babysitter? Because that is gonna be a whole messa trouble to keep up with both those tiny terrors.

  12. Doom Chinchilla says:

    Is Vara’nin an empathic healer? Because about every empath girl among the Kyorls and Dutan’vir seem to be ridiculously cute: Ae’theriss, Ari’nara, Tar’shay, Amala… their empathy is almost redundant, they could control minds using their cuteness alone.

    • FoxFeather says:

      Nah, she obviously has a hair high sorcery =D

    • Disestablish says:

      Nope, just blood sorcery. Sadly her mother was a very serious lady and never taught Vara’nin how to heal and with pure cuteness, so she wastes her adorableness.