Saturday stream with Kite and Luna at 2hPM. At least one chapter 49 concept will be done that day. STream with Starlitdragon is on the 5th september

The commission i curently work on is completing the daydream page one and that mean it’s difficult to find something to post.
But Kite save the day with butt shaking.

Starlitdragon’s update on the next front page framework:

Ariel fanwork by Kisame:


3 Responses to butt shakes

  1. Navian says:

    Ooh, shiny background!

  2. Durlyn says:

    LOL, is that Faen? Makes sense she’d dance for cupcakes XD. Awesome Ariel fanart by Kisame!

  3. GEM76 says:

    Shake that thing…come on shake that thing XD