I went through all your emails for the 33 cameos of this chapter(1 unexpected last minute entry that thankfully fit the story).
Here is all the concept arts to be done in the coming 2 months:

Razorburn’s character (Elysia or Lili?)

Xhari will need to be first as Snadhya’s followers come first. Then the Dutan’vir will get their designs. Then everyone else. Though there is a difficulty with the list above: Razorburn’s character. I don’t have an email from you for your character and somehow i must have received a name during the livestream as my sheet has all the characters entered. What is doubly confusing is that there is – two – characters whose names i can’t match. Elysia and Lili. Now whichever is not Razorburn’s character become a secondary question to resolve. So if you’ve not sent your character sheet, please do so soon. It’s quite possible that second character ought have had a concept art as she is not a returning cameo. For exemple i see Lordtemplar has not responded to the email yet. In short we still have some little things that we’ll have to work out in the week to come.

Also Starlitdragon showed me her progress on the new Kyorl background that’ll come up at the same time as the new chapter.


8 Responses to Cameo with concepts roster

  1. Vlashrod says:

    Lilli is Cutie’s cameo. The concept art has been made by Luna ;)

    • CutieSquiggoth says:

      Thanks Vlashrod.

      Yes Kern, Lilli is my char, you have her charsheet already, I sent it to you along with the cameo request for Luna.

      As VlashRod said, Luna drew my concept art, please don’t burn Lilli too badly for this transgression.

      • Kern says:

        I have the sheet you sent for Luna a while back. Please review the new questions in the cameo sheet and forward me the updated informations.

    • Kern says:

      Aaaah, everything make sense now! Thanks.

  2. LordPanther says:

    Lucky you, only have to do concept art for half the cameos.

  3. Talancir says:

    Kern, I did reply. Lordstemplar7 is my gmail.