They were all in on sunday! Thank you for your support. It’s good to see many people that care so much they want to be part of this.
Turn up i couldn’t do the chibi faces on saturday but i will do them. Even if they are very simple. For now if you’re one of the cameo owner and you’re curious to see who else took the same role as you, you can check the graphic above. Good luck reading my hand writing!

Concept by Starlitdragon for her order of the sexy librarian.
Speaking of which, yes Starlitdragon is back into arts and will join us for a livestream. When, i don’t know, whenever Kite or Lunareth is unavailable

as for the next page, expect it tuesday afternoon. The chapter is nearly over now.


26 Responses to Cameo result

  1. Pariel says:

    I spy a Sasi!

    Dis gunna b gud.

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Oh mah gawd, Sasi survived! I wonder how she’s coping with the loss of Kalki and Ydna? Be strong, Sasi!

      Oh, but look…we Duters have…CBL! W00T! Hammiches all around!

      For the glory of the Val’Dutan’vir…have at you! ULLAAAH!!!

      • Thrair says:

        With a Hammich in one hand, and a Crossbow in the other, she stands ready for anything. Be it an enemy attack or hungry customers.

        Or both. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference during a heavy lunch rush.

        • CutieSquiggoth says:

          Skewering customers isn’t good for business, but may be good for ham, which would be good for business. Choices :(

          • GEM76 says:

            Hams can be very quiet…very quiet…unless they fall down the stairs then they go…boom…bom…de boom, celery is loud, apples l louder, unless of course you have applesauce which goes very well with ham isn’t that right Claries. >:3

  2. Talancir says:

    aww. no one sponsored Ky’ovarde.

  3. FoxFeather says:

    Ohh, soo many old faces! (well, names). I’m glad there’s at least one seer there. Shows that not even the highest-ranking members of the clan are spared.

  4. smokehammer says:

    Somebody’s caught between the Duters and the Nids, surrounded by Kyorl. That seems pretty painful.

    • Pitdragon says:

      And out of mana cores. Sounds like a new Evil Dead Possessed! Especially if we can get Kaleshido’s nickname to sound like “Ash”….

  5. Katrover says:

    I look forward to this chapter!

  6. Disestablish says:

    Marcel=Disestablish… No idea why Kern posted my actual name to this. XD

    • sarogo89 says:

      You mean there’s not going to be a totally awesome Duter named Marcel ?

      • Disestablish says:

        Nope, only a frizzly haired medic named Vara’nin… Same hair as me, so there is that… Naturally curly hair is of the devil.

        • FoxFeather says:

          Whoo! Go team Medic! =D (Beryla’zuli is a medic too)

        • sarogo89 says:

          Me : The power of christ compels you hair !
          Curly Hair : *ROAR*
          Me : Ow ! You cut my finger .

          • Disestablish says:

            The actual danger of curly hair is rat’s nests. Can’t count how many times I had to be all but held down as a kid as my mom dragged a heavy comb through my hair that was so tangled up it would have been easier just to grab it and rip the chunk out… Hence the fact one of my character’s quirks is her never ending battle to keep her hair neat and tidy, which is all but impossible, as I’ve learned throughout my life…

    • Kern says:

      I didn’t have your character name at the time. And forgive my memory of matching username with real name XD It’s updated now.