What is a cameo? It is your character in our main story, Moonless age. He or she will be drawn having dialogues, interacting with each other. Likely fighting, bleeding and perhaps even… dying. Life in the drow world is cruel, filled with shades of grey where the true enemy is rarely seen, if ever. Where will you stand? Will you hunt down the enemy of the clan or seek out the truth even if doing so risk you the hatred of your peers?
By choosing where your loyalty goes you choose the path of your character.

Roles: (ALL TAKEN! Thank you very much!!!)
Snadhya’s agent: 3 roles. 0role left
Dutan’vir’s ancestral home defender: 5 roles 0 role left
Kyorl’s hunters: 10 roles 0 roles left
Kyorl’s truth seeker: 10 roles 0 roles left
(Leaving the links below for Suntiger and Emperial to take the last 2 roles that they requested.)

Concept art grant you one of these :
They come at a reduced price when ordered with a cameo as they will help ensure your character get the the proper time to be studied, both in appearance and character. It is required if your character is new and you do not plan to do the concept art yourself.

Details required for your character:
-Name: First name, family name(if any)
-Race : Ssu , Lath or half blood
-Ancestry : Pure, commoner, dutan’vir, othyers
-Proffesion : Holy lance, stable boy, warden, templar, student, inquisitor, seer(female only) , judicator, rebel defending their home or agent of Snadhya..
-Martial abillity: Your favourite method of fighting. This will define your weapon, if any.,
-Mana affitinity : One magical ability, be natural(more wild) or high art(more focused but require an foci)
-Costume: Clothes. Armor.
-Colors. Eyes, hair, skin.
-Personality traits: Stick to main points
-Favourite saying : One or two phrase often said.
-Favourite activity: This will serve to make your character main pose in case of a concept art.
-Favourite expression: This will serve to make your character main close up in case of a concept art.
-Quirks: VERY IMPORTANT. Character’s flaws is what define them. Be they be serious or humorous, think of how your character can have stranges habits, failures, or things that make them react. Such as a fear or phobia. It is this that will make your character stand out. Such as Fame love of Goats.
-inspirational pictures: Pictures that make you think of your character, or actual references.
-The answer to the question : Where does your loyalty go to.
-Who is your character in one simple sentence?

-How do i submit my character?
Answer: Pass an order then submit the sheet to the following address:
-I’m sad that we don’t see the old secondary characters anymore. Can i order one of the old character, such as Kyo’varde?
answer: Yes, you will be the sponsor of that character and get to choose some modifications.
-Can i be a different character than those listed above?
Answer: Only if you are on the livestream during this specific saturday and can make a strong case why it would be a good idea to include your special character. Exception such as Rune’s baby for Zala can be made.


16 Responses to Chapter 49 cameo

  1. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Muahahahaha! Lilli’thnee lives! Come Neleanee , let us frolic together and picnic upon safe foods, it’s what Sharess wants :)

  2. KittyH says:

    I have always wondered, have you ever used a cameo without someone paying reuse them? If they fit the story? I don’t even -have- a cameo… I keep hoping one day I will have the money. I have just always been curious.

    • partner555 says:

      “…without someone paying reuse them?”

      I think a word is missing there but if you are asking whether Kern used a cameo without someone paying for it, no that has never happened before except for one character with very special circumstances.

      That character was Yuh’le, she first appeared in Daydream, then someone commissioned for her to appear in the main story, then Kern decided to keep her in the story.

      • KittyH says:

        OOpsie, my bad. I was just curious. Since some cameos seem important to characters in the story.

        • partner555 says:

          If you mean Fame, Kern had entered her as Kiel’s cousin, and Miburo, Fame’s sponsor, had entered her at every opportunity.

          Fame’s immediate popularity when she first appeared air guttering a nether goat certainly helped.

    • Navian says:

      I think it’s always a theoretical possibility… the size of a character’s role depends on how well they fit into the story. Kern’s not going to let a cameo take over the main plot–I think!–just on principle, but it’s possible for them to get a major role, just by being more appropriate for it than anyone else. A cameo can dramatically alter a plot arc, or even inspire a new one, by being extraordinarily useful for some purpose that would have been fulfilled very differently by someone else. I think this has has happened before, though not necessarily with any unpaid reuse. The ones that’ve had the most dramatic effect on the story tended to be those who were in no condition to stick around afterward!

  3. GEM76 says:

    Heh…Heh…Olin drew the wanted poster XD

  4. Midevi says:

    Spots still available? I’m on my way home and have internet again while on the road?

    • Pitdragon says:

      There may be two more in each Kyorl faction it looks like. You should join us hunters, we got huntin’ to do, Goddess willing!

  5. FoxFeather says:

    This chapter will have more Pink than there was in Drowtales’ entire history >D CHEERS!

  6. Talancir says:

    Please say that Ky’ovarde is coming back!

    Her partner Lysire’indris is back as well, please someone say Ky’ovarde is sponsored!

  7. Hfar says:

    Tsk! Oh Chiri! You can never catch a break, can you?