Livestream defeated!
Mami Senekha for Lordpanther. Why this particular crossover? I don’t know. Lordpanther if you can tell us please XD

Icecabbit set the challenge of Fallout character crossover. Someone suggested a third arm should be added, so there, Kiel is so epic she doesn’t need a gun.
Power armor Chiri
New pipboy by Vergil:
Noris had chiri worship the bomb. It’s not healthy Chiri

Saber for the Bast
For basileus:
Vergil’s Balsa for Razorburn

And vergil worked on a cute miquote holding a cute cat. Though the pic was not complete in the end:
On today’s stream we have concept art or if Gem is absent there’s always lordpanther’s Madoka magica commission. On kite side she will paint today’s page. And Vergil will join us as guest artist.
But most importantly, at 5hPM the cameo will be made available!
To watch, participate, win cute giveaways from Kite , challenge us, catch a new artist for your pokemon collection or awaits the cameos, then drop by our multistream!


3 Responses to saturday stream

  1. ThatGuyThisGuy says:

    Lets start something new, Whenever someone asks Kern about the world setting or characters and he answers we write whatever we heard in the comments sections of the Session’s News section post.

    There are races in the DT world that we no nothing about at all that we may never really see or factor into the story in anyway. We may someday get an explanation for the “Valkyries”(Or as Xeno put them”The golden armored angel people”.) That appear in myths(and i think a few other places as well). And also apparently Nau was called “pissypants” and “diaperboy” by Shinae because he(and i think chrystal as well i was distracted while Kern was talking and i think i heard him say something that includes her as well.) have weak bladders.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    I wonder if Lordpanther was inspired by our Relic Hunters squad deciding to camp out waiting for the rain to pass…we started telling ghost stories, and one involved Sene’kha’s ghost as Jason from Friday the 13th, wearing a Vloz mask and hacking up a bunch of hapless teenagers :D

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      And Kite, thank you very much for the adorable Ariel looking fierce with her naginata, she looks awesome! :) Everyone’s art looks great…Mami Sene’kha is spectacular, and Vergil’s kitty looks so cuuute (and remarkable shading on the clothes of the miquote holding it…I always had the worst time with clothing, all those folds, shadows and highlights…). Great job guys!