This saturday being cameo day mean it’ll be a bit different than the usual. First of all Luna will be absent until 5hPm which is why we’ll begin the cameo offer then. If it’s anything like before i’ll need backup to keep track of things. So first half of the livestream will likely be a concept art for Gem, second half will be taking cameos in and drawing a group picture for them. Little chibi heads of everyone in each group they’re meant to go. So that there is a visual way for us all to keep track of who goes where in the coming chapter. There will be a challenge and giveaway as usual.
As Luna will be away, Vergil will step in as guest artist. It’s the first time we’ve ever tried a guest, hopefully it’ll turn out great! Speaking of which:
Vergil’s inquisitor.
The concept art he drew for her:

I forgot to share this fanwork by Noris last weekend. Sarv, you still live on in memory.


3 Responses to Preparation for ch49

  1. Durlyn says:

    Cool concept art thus far, how much will the cameos cost?

  2. smokehammer says:

    Hel yeah!