Busy day with Bast and thalar as co-host
Jaal concept for Thalar.
pool waes for Lordpanther. I’ll post the full boobness on daydream soon.

Challenge set by pile of hay : Kiel in another character’s dress
Acedraw who really wanted this idea to be drawn ended up with :

For swedishkitsune
For thisguythatguy

Vergil is set to take over the nalsarkoth with a very green character!
Which remind me , the stream can be very random at times. It’s good for sanity.

And trust Oroche to bring the special out of ariel and Faen ;P


Just two artists today but the Bast will come stalk the voice chat to keep things lively. Kite will do today’s page and i will do a mix of 3 commission. Thalar’s Jaal concept art, Waes at the beach need coloring and Smokehammer’s commission need sketching. To watch, participate, anger the Bast and possibly get a free request at the end, then drop by our multistream.


6 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Mute says:

    ooh, that Jaal concept. Some sort of negotiations to help produce more plague cure in the future perhaps?

    Also you do rock Snad’s dress there Kiel, but the boob window aint doing you any favors :B

    Also also, poor Waes can’t even catch a break in Daydream! :P

  2. Pitdragon says:

    We Jaals and our mechanical right hands/arms. Hee.

  3. Razara says:

    As much as I love Waes’soloth, surely she can’t expect us to NOT charge her extra to pay for the ambassador’s limbs she ripped off 15 years ago? She’ll probably be lucky if they don’t ask for her limbs as payment, since the underworld clearly has an “arm for an arm” and “a lot of time wasted in a guest room for a lot of time wasted in a guest room” mentality.

    The crab is truly Sara’hilana Balvhakara incarnate. Whatever servant tied such a loose knot on her swimsuit is probably being turned into a golem as we speak.

  4. Pariel says:

    Ah, the remaster version of an old timer. Nice one!

  5. Kearnaun says:

    Somehow I get the impression, that it shouldn’t be a black bar hiding things on the Waes picture, but a big fat cat fdace instead. =^_^=