Saturday stream will be just me and Kite at 2hPM, Lunareth being away for a belly shaking performance. As for what will be drawn, definitively the Jaal’darya concept for Thalar. THere’s smokehammer picture to sketch and Lordpanther’s beach waes to paint. Quite enough to keep myself busy for 6 hours. Though it’s a shame i was planning to complete the Waes pic today. But in the end we just managed to complete on unfinished pages with a whole day of work. Not even the chance to go to the hospital yet.
Still, i’ve two quick doodles about Chiri.
Just working on the whole Keychain and Chiri interaction as those two are going to have to deal with each other very soon. She’s offering her nail for painting up there. After much coercion.


One Response to Chiri’s nail

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    chibi-Chiri’s cute chubby fingers! It will be good to see her again, and the debut of Keychain. I’m sorry you’ve had another bout of migraine, and Kite got sick too…I hope you two managed to get treated today, and are getting some rest right now. Hang in there!