Some health issue today, except this time both I and Kite got affected. I got a migraine, the third since our move. Normally that shit would happen 3 times a year, not 3 times in a span of 6 weeks! This mean friday we’ll likely need to go to an hospital to follow on that. We’ll upload the next page before going. Fow now though Kite has crashed down pretty hard.

It’s time for the two boys to get designed and Kite already had some references material somehow: tomodachi life on 3ds. From which she had been building Ariel and Faen family. Sure it seem random but the boys could be anything at this point, having never appeard before except for a few rare mentions. So those are mighty Quain’s grand son. Not much from the look of it but they grow… as we seen with Ariel they sure grow big. Or should anyway. Their genes could take from their nameless father. As for the name Pup’ it should come at no surprise that Quain has absolutely zero imagination for names. Forget any names beyond that goes beyond 4 characters. Ariel, Vene… That’s quain processing power there. She probably ran out of ideas and the soldiers just name him Pup until someone make up their mind and give him a real name. Lucky Ariel wasn’t just named “screamy baby” for 5 years! That eventuality was probably dodged only because it’d be too long to say!
Nothing will come of Bearbear as there is no fourth kid.
And octobear, well octobear has been lively in the past because of Lunareth’s dark power.
From earlier this week. Considering she was born during the district war, that make her younger than Lunareth anticipated. Plus she was meant as the child of Ariel and Faen in her drawings, something that isn’t possible without some big help from the Jaal. And that’s not going to happen. So there you go, octobear is made canon through Ariel’s little sister. Or will soon be anyways.

Fen Wolves Scooby Doo col
relic hunter wallpaper commissioned by Lordpanther from Donny. Scoobydoo relic hunters. Well, if that ever become an adventure, just know the person you guys will meet is the true culprit.


16 Responses to Quain’s grandson

  1. Sionyx says:

    Pup’ looks like it’s short for something…

    Strange to hear that Quain got the naming rights for the kiddies and didn’t put much thought in to it. From the way Mel was acting after her youngest was born, I thought she’d tried to name at least the first boy and been told that wasn’t part of the agreement.

  2. sarogo89 says:

    “Forget any names beyond that goes beyond 4 characters. Ariel, Vene… That’s quain processing power there.”
    Ariel has 5 characters.

  3. Dakla says:

    Good luck Kern and Kite. Hope you will get an answer for your migraines.

  4. Vlashrod says:

    Ariel, Vene, Pup’ …. how Quain’tana did succed to name Mel’anarch and Kel’noz ?

    • junglefowl26 says:

      Maybe it was their dad’s idea?

      Though I have to agree with Dhal of Stone Company – short, simple names are better.

    • Navian says:

      Seems pretty logical to me; the names just get shorter the bigger her family gets! If she has a few more grandchildren, they might not even get complete syllables. ‘Ff’ and ‘Tch’, maybe.

    • Kern says:

      They were just Mel and Kel at first. Now thats Quain imagination .

  5. Navian says:

    I love the those expressions on Pup and Vene! I’m looking forward to learning more when it comes up.

  6. GEM76 says:


    Wonder who the dads are??? Probably the ones who are stuck with diaper duty while Ariel and Faen go off to have fun…ah the life a female Drow is awesome if only they can get rid of the trying to kill each other to be top dog or wolf in this case. XD

    Anyway get better soon Kern and Kite hope you feel better. *\o/* *\o/* *\o/*

  7. Tiam says:

    Vene means boat in Finnish :) Just FYI

  8. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Aww, the boys look adorable! Pup reminds me of chibi-Nau, and love that pouty expression on Vene, he looks like his gramma!

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Also, Donny’s Scooby-Doo pic of the Fen Wolves RH squad is just epic! LordPanther’s character Bro’toh as gas mask dude, AthenAltena’s squad leader Kara as Fred, Aeryll’s Su’dion as Velma, Durlyn’s Go’dan as Shaggy, our squad wolfie Fen as Scooby, and my Teena’los as Daphne (hence the lipstick), “you meddling kids!”

      See the ongoing adventures of the Fen Wolves and other squads, representing the Sarghress, Nal’sarkoth, and Sharen Alliance, over on Relic Hunters! :D

  9. Sha'Kaas says:

    Vene looks like he is putting on his best Sarnel impersonation. Maybe our scorched squad leader has a fan club starting.