-for tight pants.
The shirt is a variation of the one she on the colony except extra lacy. Sure Ariel tend to have long skirt over her pants normally and doesn’t wear high boots but the goal of this was to get them updated designs. Maybe Faen suggested the change because it made the butt look nice? Pretty sure wardrobe decision is delegated to Faen now that they’re a couple.
Took advantage of this to do a body size comparaison. I may end up adding Chiri next. Who is even smaller than Faen. The big question is what is going to be outfit as Chiri’s armor was already updated for chapter 42 and i don’t know what’d event would prompt her to change for the coming chapter…
Speaking of which. The current chapter ends on the 24 august. Since i’m doing that mini story with the babies and Ariel/Faen, this gives a bit of extra time. Thus the cameo offer will be the 22 instead of the 15. I beleive it’s for the best, that mean people will wait less for their concept arts and it’ll give me more time to plot out the Kyorl chapter which mean i’ll know better what cameos are available.


28 Responses to Ariel join the fight–

  1. Navian says:

    Geez, is Faen trying to make Ariel look like a streetwalker? I’m horrified. This relationship seems to be getting a bit uncomfortable.

    • Dakla says:

      Ash would be proud of her daughter. At least she got her mate in more revealing clothing; Ash didn’t get Quain out of her armour in public.

    • khora2150 says:

      Heh was already bearing unfortunate implications since the episode at Ys, for me at least.

      • Dakla says:

        But yeah, I do agree with Khora and Navian; Faen is becoming a bit too pushy for my comfort. Then again, I’m a sort of person who really dislikes having a pushy and demanding partner.

    • sarogo89 says:

      But if she’s a street walker she’ll be impervious to cold, which means she can evade Silices wrath over her dead and injured twins. Good work Faen .

    • Razara says:

      Ariel would be the emotional equivalent of a stone golem if not for Faen. People may not like when Faen is anything other than a complete doormat, but it seems to be doing Ariel a world of good, judging from how happy she looks in this picture. :3

      • Dakla says:

        At the gathering of Snad, Ariel became really uncomfortable thanks to Snad’s remarks about ruling her clan and as an empath Faen surely would have noticed. But when Ariel wanted to leave Faen only complained about leaving the cake. Your lover feels attacked and pressured but yet you find cake more important. And they were and are still in their Honeymoon stage of their relationship. Tbh I would be very insulted if my lover cared more about food then my feelings. Besides Ariel came way ealier out of her shell thanks to Vaelia , not only Faen. Have also a feeling that her squad helped her along as well.

        I don’t mind Faen not being a doormat, but she’s disregarding Ariel’s feelings a little too often for my tastes.

        • Razara says:

          There were mind-altering drugs in the cake, so I don’t think it’s fair to hold Faen’s actions at the dinner against her when she was unknowingly drugged by a criminal mastermind. Vaelia got Ariel out of her shell by suggesting they go rescue Faen, and Faen continues to support Ariel in maintaining her mental stability to this day. Ariel’s clan does not want her to have feelings, but Faen can sense the feelings that her duty to the clan have failed to destroy, and as such she helps protect Ariel from herself by creating a balance.

          Faen heals wounded souls, so it’s very fitting for her to be a white mage. n.n

          • Dakla says:

            Can’t remember Snad putting something in the cake. Can you post where that happened because if that’s true, that will change my opinion about Faen.

          • Razara says:

            Sure, no problem!: http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=10133

            Though not mentioned directly, if you look at the text at the bottom of the page it says “Chocolate high Faen”. Drow sometimes mix drugs into their chocolate, and no doubt Snadhya believed that Ariel and Faen would become more compliant if she got them high. It probably would have worked, too, but Ariel was wisely suspicious enough to refrain from eating.

          • Navian says:

            From the moment Ariel and Faen arrived in Felde, Faen was trying to get Ariel to loosen up and relax, even before she was drugged, and she kept harassing Ariel in the same vein, even after they returned to Chel. Considering what Faen has been through, I think she knows better than to be so na├»ve. It comes across more like willful ignorance, like she wants things to make things happy even when she knows they’re not. And the consequences threaten Ariel’s life and legacy–not merely because Faen wants to help and doesn’t know what she’s doing, but also because she’s jealous of the other influences in Ariel’s life, and even more desperately needs healing, herself. Sure, she has sympathetic reasons for being so corrosive, but it just goes to show that a romance between two damaged people is not a stable and healthful environment.

  2. GEM76 says:

    WOW didn’t realize Ariel’s butt was so big…heh…heh you go Faen XD

  3. KittyH says:

    I am still curious if this really is -real- Ariel, or if she is the small little Ariel we saw when she lost her arm. Of course changing into a childlike appearance could have just been a reaction to the situation.

  4. Pitdragon says:

    Eh, Chiri doesn’t need much of a redesign. I’d say some alterations on the armor or change in the visible kimono, that’s about it. Give the impression she’s changed clothes now that she’s had the chance. Maybe something with her hair being pulled back a bit would be good enough? :/

  5. junglefowl26 says:

    Neat. Looks like she added a purple stripe further down than she used to. Kind of Kalki like.

  6. Oroshe says:

    ARE WE GONNA GET THE BABIES DESIGNS NEAXT?@?@?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! *is VERY excited about this*

  7. Gunbird says:

    Nicely done Kern

    Dakla and Razara. Would you pleas stop arguing. This isn’t even the form.

  8. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Wow, Kern…just…wow. Ariel’s outfit looks amazing! ^u^ She needed them boots when she was kicking Kalki and that ex-Kyorl empath at Felde…big stomping legs… XD

  9. Durlyn says:

    Ariel looks gorgeous in this outfit, love the boots & shirt, and nice touch with the belt complete with Sarghress sigil around her waist. And as always, Ariel’s hair puts everyone else’s to shame “nods sagely” u_u