Like usual lately, monday update will come tuesday. Which mean we’ll end up updating on saturday again at the end of the week.
Concept art for Thrair based on a nameless background character that appeard for two panels in chapter 38
Octobear practice, her being a couple months old means she wouldn’t have those long hair from the original pictures.

Seem like half the team is into FF14 lately… Kite and Luna got me to make a Faen, though purely for the fun of making the character. I’ve no intention to play.



Still it’s inspiring for a new outfit for Faen. I’m likely to do a mini story for Ariel, Faen and Mel babies after the current chapter is over, so…
No cat tail on Faen though. Maybe the ears :p

Stuff kite, Mau and Luna did today. They’re very much into Au-ras.
The last two are animated.


7 Responses to Cat girl Faen

  1. Thrair says:, for the curious. Two panels of SHEER GLORY.

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      She had those cute pudgy thumbs in the first panel ^^ I spy Kar’liir trying to snake her ham sammitch in the concept art!

      • Thrair says:

        Yeah. That was the one character trait I decided on before the stream started. :P She makes amazing sammiches, because I ship Crossbow Lady and Kar’liir, now. Why? REASONS.

  2. Razara says:

    I vividly remember thinking, “I love Drowtales”, when then Crossbow Lady made her appearance. I really hope she appears in the story by shooting someone with her crossbow at a completely unexpected moment. Even the most elitist Val clans should be fighting amongst themselves to have such an epic badass join their ranks, but none shall have that honor because she is a true badass commoner.

    I actually have Faen as one of my retainers, but now I see that Faen looks much more like her true self as a Miqo’te. I made my Faen as an Elezen, but it’s impossible to make her anywhere near as cute. I’ll have to remake her, which means I’ll need to transfer all my stuff to Kalki, who I’m also thinking of changing. >.>;

    • Kern says:

      How did you achieve Kalki’s ponytail?

      • Razara says:

        I didn’t unfortunately, but it would be great if Kalki’s hair was added to the game in a new expansion. Probably won’t happen, but I can dream.

        Until then my Kalki just has her hair down like in chapter 17.

    • CutieSquiggoth says:

      Kalki lives? Mistress! Please, let me serve you again :) Let me sever for you again please.