thanks for the support. We’ll be working something out to get the groove back once the chapter is over. Lunareth suggest we do a short story with the main cast, something upbeat. We don’t know what yet.

Some progress on the big commission for Gem76:

There will be the usual stream at 2hPM. Let’s see what commission need to be done…well obviously Gem’s need to be completed. But beside his there is Trair who chose to wait next week. There’s the water baloon fight that i also got a reqwuest to delay. ANd need starlit details for kelnoz :P. And doing 2 comic pages in a row would be too much. That mean Smokehammer’s plushie fight and Thalar’s concept art could be next after the page is completed tomorrow.


4 Responses to Severed head is the traditional “i love you” sharen gift.

  1. Lement says:

    I can almost hear the hissing of the Knight at the Lady’s side.

    But getting rid of one’s enemies is a great gift.

  2. Kiro Kiemi says:

    That slave looks suspiciously like a certain Drowussu I know.

    Wait, could it be… nah.