Lunareth set this challenge today of a new hat for Ariel…
I say this is bound to become the new sarghress helmet. So fierce.

And Mary sent this today. You’re so sweet Mary. Thank you. This one will go on our wall.


4 Responses to New sarghress helmet

  1. Metzger says:

    Quain the closet cuteness addict!

  2. Razara says:

    I actually bought that hat at the fair a few years back because it reminded me of the Sarghress Dragon Slayers’ helmet.

    Compared to my other cute hats, I don’t wear it that often since I worry that I’ll end up in an awkward situation where the hat’s current popularity causes me to end up in a public place where a five-year-old is wearing the same hat as me. Now I have to worry about awkwardly bumping into a giant warrior queen who also happens to be wearing the same hat. XD

  3. Durlyn says:

    Accept that you are cute Ariel, nothing wrong with being an adorable badass :D