I’m alive, kind of. During the last few days i’ve learned that my office is not summer heat proof. Sure i got my pages done(I’m working on 21 right now )and rebuilt a tiny bit of buffer every morning. Then afternoons strike and the rest of the daily work slow down to molasse. Till 4hPm where heat become so great that staying over my tablet is a serious challenge. Tomorrow i’ll gear up with some fans or move my tablet elsewhere. To explain, the room next to mine was up above 40 celcius in the last few days. I do not know how warm it is in my work room but it’s bad. Mix that with my Cintiq tablet producing heat… So verdict is, yes the pages are done ,but I’ve drawn absolutely nothing else! And did nothing else but work either.
That said someone asked for the next chapters to be made available for download!
So chapter 44-46
and chapter 47:
Funnily enough, 45 and 47 follow each other. 44 and 46 follow each other. Too many characters and events to follow made me break them. Something i now beleive wasn’t the right decision. Though the push to make chapter 46 and 47 more self contained was the right decision. Pretty much all my favorite works were self contained.


9 Responses to Download chapter 44-47

  1. smokehammer says:

    Well here where it is always very hot we take afternoon naps to sleep past the hottest part of the day, and make sure to drink tons of water. Cold showers and swimming pools help too, though I suppose they wont let you lay/innertube in that creek/river you can see if they wont let you drink or fish out of it XD

  2. CutieSquiggoth says:

    If it’s dry heat, a damp cloth over a fan helps a lot :)

    I long for 40C+, but that’s outside. Inside is nasty.

    What’s it doing getting that warm in Canada anyway?

  3. Pitdragon says:

    I have the same problems with heat mid-day to late afternoon. The whole house though. Bleh. Fans and all the windows open is the only relief.

    • Kern says:

      adding one fans helped. So yes fans are releif. If the windows are open and there’s no breeze coming in it’s quite something…

  4. Midevi says:

    104 degrees Fahrenheit for those of us not on the metric system… Too hot.