Star wars crossover commission for Lordpanther but decided by the stream audience. Based on this:
Much harder than the original idea but then it’s part of the challenge of letting the audience choose. It’s rarely the easiest. Still, it’s a good challenge, that and Jaws , to get to try composition i don’t normally do.

Today’s challenge was set by Flag. Sith lord character.

For thisguythatguy
For Eucep:
For , well, that got confusing, B did not win and yet ended up choosing. Go figure.
On today’s stream, we have the next page of Moonless from kite, Queen O’ butts from Lunareth and a starwars crossover commission from me. With the usual mid-stream challenge and end of stream giveaways! To watch, hang out or attempt to hack to get giveaways, then drop by our multistream!


12 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Sarai says:

    Livestream chat is down

  2. Razara says:

    Final version came out great, Kern! Glad I finally stopped being shy and joined in on the Livesteam to talk with all the people who joined in. ^^;

    It’s definitely a great way to spend time on Saturdays for anyone who enjoys Drowtales, art, and/or the Glory of Fat Cat. :3

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      I totally agree, Razara, livestream is a virtual party that we can attend in our underwear (or nekkid, if the GoogleMaps car goes by) ;) Good to see you and everyone else on livestream, and those drawings came out great everyone!

  3. ThatGuyThisGuy says:

    “Again?” I don’t remember saying anything about Karl jumping Quain to be a regular occurence. Did Quain get jumped by Karl or some other Empire dude before like are you angling this as being a regular occurrence every time she goes to the surface?

    • Sionyx says:

      Probably more “Oh, someone ELSE is trying to kill me?”

      • Navian says:

        She did do a lot of adventuring on the surface. Who knows how many emperors have tried to jump her after their empires fell?

        …That sounds familiar, even so!

        • ThatGuyThisGuy says:

          Now that I think about it this could be Kern giving a commentary on all of the “What ifs” that I have written where Quain is walking around and suddenly gets jumped by X person from another setting. If this is some alternate universe where all of those “what ifs” happened she probably has been jumped by a dozen dudes twice as big and strong and Karl just in the last fifteen minutes.

  4. SFI/Bwoman says:

    Kern, I choose cause Flag who did get it after that one person failed to show gave it to me XD

    Talk about convoluted XD But at least there now no longer is any debate about what I offer during Midstreams anymore :3 (unless I get another idea >-<)

  5. Durlyn says:

    Drowtales meets Star Wars….Awesome :D

  6. Tiam says:

    I’d love to watch Moonless Wars! Ariel would certainly make a fine jedi Guardian :)