Changing sleep schedule can be tough. To reduce as much as possible the chance of passing out during the stream, i’m moving it to noon on tomorrow. Lunareth and Kite will be there, if the later don’t pass out either! Luna has a page and a concept art for cutie. I have a starwars crossover to do. Kite will have monday’s page. She’s finishing friday’s right now. Since i’m not likely to stay concious much longer, the page is likely to go online tonight.

Here’s a pretty concept art from luna for the current chapter. Character is due to appear soon.
Made some progress on both Lordpanther and gem76 pages today. Not much but progress is always good.


6 Responses to Fashion Beld

  1. Dakla says:

    Ohh. It that Luna’s keychain but then Beldiefied?

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      Waes’soloth: What is that? Are you suggesting that there is a ssu – a NAUGHTY ssu – who has infiltrated my palace disguised as one of my people? Place the guard on high alert. …Well, then place them on higher alert! If she is found, bring her to me immediately, in chains – our heaviest, clunkiest, ugliest chains, not anything vaguely pretty or, Sharess forbid, kinky – and I will deal with her… personally. ……Are you waiting for me to finish with a villainess-type laugh or something like that?! Just get to your task! …Well, go on then! ……*sigh* *pose* Get to your task, minion! *watches departing servant, shakes head* Staff these days…


  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Both Luna’s and your character art are looking sharp, Kern! (thumbs up)

    So tomorrow’s livestream is at noon Eastern/9:00am Pacific? See you all there! As always, thank you very much for hosting the livestream, it’s a virtual party I look forward to every weekend. May you, Kite, and Luna have a good night and a restful sleep! :)

  3. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Urgh, that’s 2am! Why you do this to me Kern? *cries*

    • LordPanther says:

      I feel your pain. Maybe make it for the last hours so I wish you all the best in having a fun time.