While Gem review the page sketch of his commission , I’ve tackle the next overdue page, the one for lordpanther.
Which is the next page of the daydream remake. Now also pending approval. Tomorrow and friday will be about completing pariel and Guilty’s commission. Let’s finally get things moving now that it’s been a month that we moved in our new home. Hey, we finally have a fridge! Took a whole month but here you go. Moving can be slow sometimes.

And about we are ferals. It’s no secret that it is rarely updating. 3 times a month normally instead of the promised 8. This morning was the last chance to turn things around before we end up with another failed month. So Mau will jump in to help wrapping up the chapter and if it work for her, we’ll see what comes after. I’m really sorry to all those who supported this project so far. We’ll do our best to alleviate the situation!


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