Saturday stream at 2hPm as usual. The current commission list is:

-Kelnoz for Starlitdragon
-daydream page for Lordpanther
-Pariel and guilty carrion joint commission (in progress)
-Gem’s waterbaloon fight 4 chibies
-zair final page (in progress)
-Lordpanther queen (in progress)
-Crossbow woman concept
-smokehammer plushie fight
-Concept art Jaaldarya for Thalar.
-Lordpanther Quain Velsharen and Zala
-Lordpanther Star wars crossover

PAriel and guilty has priority if one of them are there. Else I,m sure thrair will like a crossbow lady concept.

Last of my expresion challenge. With a sick Ariel this time.

Last because unholy shit i need to make commission progress. This one for Gem is 3 months old.

And sadly we won’t have Lunareth on the livestream tomorrow as she is away on a trip. Meanwhile Keychain is plotting her next chapter appearance. See that face? Plotting.

And more Au-ra love from Kite. Her character has something for sweaty blacksmiths.


5 Responses to Sweaty au-ra

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Oh man Kern…that flower growing out of Ariel’s head…I nearly blew tea out of my nostrils…dat ain’t funny yo…j/k!!! ;) Nice job on the expression challenges, they look great!

  2. CutieSquiggoth says:

    No Luna, I’ve got a bit more time then :) And I don’t need to wake up so stupidly early *giggles happily*

    I’m very happily looking forward to crossbow lady’s concept :) She definitely deserves more screentime.

  3. SFI/Bwoman says:

    Uh Kern… I know mine is miles away, but why am I not on your list? :(

  4. GEM76 says:

    Ahhhh I missed this curse you weekened work schedule.