From the wonderful mau, a birthday present of an animated Kiel riding a flying turtle! I meant to use it for the stream but it isn’t transparent friendly.

On tumblr there’s an emoji challenge going on. Here’s the first challenge that was set : naal with that heart face expression. I don’t really have time for this but i’m in such an art slump, anything to kick myself out of it.

And Lunareth’s commission for lordpanther. October and Suna pattycake.


2 Responses to Kiel flying turtle, emoji challenge, octobear pattycake

  1. smokehammer says:

    Ah! So that’s why Kiel wanted Nau.Yes its all very clear now.

  2. Durlyn says:

    Awwww, look at Octobear & Suna! Maybe there’s hope for peace between the Sarghress and Sharen after all…Pattycake is the answer! XD

    P.S. Octobear needs a real name, something tells me “Octobear Val’Sarghress” won’t fly when she grows up XD…She’s still adorable though :3