Commission for Vlashrod, his cameo past, present and future. You know when Snadhya rule all and ban unhappyness.

Giveaway for Risushi
Giveaway for Aerisa
For Farex:

Challenge was set by Dalvy and the topic is “Dog!!!!!!” which used to be “Yafein romancing kelnoz” , thankfully, she retracted that one.
Even though Kite drew a cat, it’s adorable. Guess dogs are harder to draw than we thought. Now if you guys had asked Cats, now we would have given motherfluffing cats!
Nori jumped in with ultra fluffy Faen
And Novara jumped in with a dog too:(Novian, norian? i think i got the username wrong, sorry)
Lunareth is back and with tales of spainish butts. Kite will be working on today’s page and i will be lost in a sea of commissions. Do come and show me the way. Or just hang out and chat, that’s fine too. The mid-stream challenge will be back and the usual giveaaways will happen at the end of the stream.


11 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. smokehammer says:

    Snadhya’s going to ban unhappiness? And you guys thought she was a meanie ….

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      Snadhya’rune: You’ll all be so much happier when you’ve all had your lobotomies. Especially you, Quain’tana. And you, sister. And… for the radical rebels among you, Val Kiel’ndia, I can do the procedure so that you get a “cool” scar. For the Kyorl’solenurn, the procedure can eliminate all desire to sin.

      Asira’malika: Or you could try the new Jaal’darya frontal lobe adjustment! Our cutting edge technology will do the job without cutting, or drilling! Fully adjustable, whether you want a warlike posture, a stoical resolve, a fun-loving-

      Snadhya’rune: Shut up! *turns, advances on her* This MY captivating monologue! My monologue scene! You think you’re so clever, coming up with all these clever-clever things in your lab… but you don’t even want to take over the world with them! You just want to sell them to others! At the end of the day, you’re little more than a Sharess-damned merchant! So now you can just shut up! The real mastermind in the cavern here is monologuing, thank you very much!

      Asira’malika: *reaches out, presses device against Snadhya’rune’s forehead*

      Snadhya’rune: ……*twitch* *slow blink* What was I…? Oh… taking over the world… that’s a mug’s game if ever there was one, and I feel so much better now! Let’s just be nice to each other, ‘kay? I have a strategic reserve of three tons of chocolate stashed away! Let’s break it open and PARTY!

      All: YAAAAAAAAY!!! *form conga line, conga off after Snadhya’rune*

      Kiel’ndia: …Can I still get my cool scar?


  2. Aerisa says:

    Bweeehehehehe! My Bery is the ultimate weapon against the Beld! >D ( source: http://www.drowtales.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/berylazuli.jpg )

  3. Vlashrod says:

    Thanks for the work but this is not Farex comission but mine ! x)

  4. Dalvyserran says:

    Such fluff
    Much dog

  5. Obsidian Agent says:


    Which was worse? Kel’noz/Yafein or Second Harvest?

  6. SFI/Bwoman says:

    I see a scramble of letters… Obsie, that is kinda rude!

  7. Navian says:

    Yes, the world gets to see my seventh grade-level drawing skills! Now I need to improve, so I can say that it’s no longer an example. I seem to be going camping this weekend, but I’ll be back next week.